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Kane Kennedy
The first scene begins with General Theodore "Thunderbolt" Ross strapped onto a table similar to the one Banner tried the cure for the Hulk in The Incredible Hulk. Beside Ross is Sam Sterns from The Incredible Hulk who is now the intelligent villain known as The Leader. The Leader who is turning on the machine asks Ross, "All this trouble just to defeat an ogre?" Ross staring at the ceiling with a nervous look says, "The last guy that i sent to do it killed a lot of my soldiers and forced me to send Banner down to stop him!" The Leader smiles and says, "How do you know you won't do the same?" Which Ross replies, "Someone's gotta' kill the ugly monster! Even if that means becoming another." The Leader turns on the machine and Ross begins screaming in pain, his eyes turn yellow and his face turns red. The Leader smiles, "I present the Red Hu-" The screen goes black.
As the audience begin to leave the cinema speechless, they are stopped by another scene. This scene begins with Bucky in his new apartment sitting on a chair. "I hear you're quite the hero around here." Bucky says to someone opposite to him. A man replies, "Well, you could call me a hero... Or a villain, my way of getting things done is a little different to that of you superheroes." Bucky smiles, "You're a vigilante, and you can fight... That's all i need for this mission." The mysterious man replies, "What mission?" Bucky leans in to the camera and says, "A man by the name of Johann Schmidt was spotted in Paris, he calls himself the Red Skull, you might've heard of him before... In a history class on World War II? I need to take this man down once and for all, and I'm gonna' need some help doing it. Can i count on you?" The camera goes to the man's mouth as he smiles, and the returns to Bucky who smiles and crosses the name 'Matt Murdock' off of a list with the other names,

- Frank Castle

- Bruce Banner

- Natasha Romanoff

- Flash Thompson

- James Rhodes


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