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Tyler Kami Richardson

first off I want to start by saying we do not want another origin story we know who Spiderman is we want the character to come into his own and face trials and tribulations. work and fight his way through it and show the depth of the character Peter Parker.

ok now [Captain America: Civil War](tag:994409) if they choose to put Spiderman Civil War and follow the story where he reveals his identity they are going to send Spiderman down a very rough path.but we will be able to see the richness of the Spider Man character and his stories .anything has to be better than what Sony came up with. I think Civil War should be Spiderman introducing himself to the world,then I'd like to see in his own movie aunt may die. perhaps or see Mary Jane die after she's has been introduced! Or even multiple universe Spidermans

for real fans of the Spiderman comics this would be an amazing treat,Spiderman is personally my favorite superhero ever and I would like to see his character advane and see farther into the stories that were told about him! what they can do with the side characters

how about the anti hero movies perhaps a venom and carnage movie. Well here's to hoping! I hope Marvel's f****** does justice for Spiderman! okay see you next time web heads!


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