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[Warning: This news should be taken with more than a couple grains of salt! It's only a rumor for now, so stay tuned...]

[I should also warn you that there are spoilers for season 1 of Daredevil. You've been warned!]

According to the ever-watchful Latino Review, Jason Statham has his eyes on Marvel, or rather Marvel has their eyes on him. Season 2 of the Marvel/Netflix original series Daredevil is set to add more to the cast. Casting rumors include Elektra, Mysterio and even Stilt-Man.

But with Kingpin beaten and incarcerated, the series is going to need a new main villain to give Matt Murdock trouble—and it looks like they've found him.

Jason Statham is reportedly in talks to portray Bullseye, Daredevil's biggest villain ever.

If the rumors are true, Jason will be the main baddie for season 2, and truly shake things up for the blind protector. Jason seems to be a perfect pick for the role, having always been typecast as the tough spy or mercenary type guy (just look at The Transporter, Crank, The Mechanic, The Expendables etc...).

It's also interesting to note that Jason was set to appear in a reboot of the first Daredevil film that 20th Century Fox was trying to make, before the rights reverted back to Marvel. Whether or not he was set to play as Bullseye, I'm unsure of.

Would you like to see Jason as Bullseye?


Do you think Jason Statham should be Bullseye?

If not, tell me in the comments below who you think should be Bullseye. Or, better yet, if you're up for it, tell the whole world who you think should be cast as Bullseye and why in an article right here on Moviepilot!

Source: Latino Review

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