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When considering a potential movie to create an end-credit scene for, my mind immediately went to numerous comic book movies. Although the post-credit scene was not invented by Disney-Marvel, their movies have made them famous. While I might be able to use a comic book movie to create a great post-credit scene, the contest opens the creators to use any movie, TV show, or video game which I believe should be utilized (as I did in my Suicide Squad entry). At first, my mind thought of franchises that did not have a post-credit scene to set up the sequel(s). This brought plenty of movies to my mind, however, inspiration hit me to go in another direction. Without further to do, here is my own post-credit scene for Wall-E:

After the credits roll, the shot is from the skyline, looking down upon the Earth. This scene will be about a month after the humans landed back on Earth with the small plant. The time of day is late afternoon, around the time that the sun will begin to set. The audience can hear sounds of life coming from the ground (people talking, children laughing, other societal sounds of human interaction). The shot begins to zoom closer to the small civilization of the former space habitants. As the ground becomes clearer, the audience sees small huts made of the square blocks of garbage that the WALL-Es formed while the humans were on the ship. The huts are completely square, with the walls made out of the blocks and the roofs made out of the doors of the large WALL-Es that no longer work. Once the view is at a reasonable level (where a normal camera would be if it were live action), it begins to rotate in order for the audiences to receive a full view of the village. The people are still hefty after the years they remained in space. However, they no longer wear the BnL attire that they did on the ship. Instead, they clothe themselves with cloth that was presumably found somewhere on the trash covered planet. As the shot rotates around the village, there is no sign of any of the technology that was used on the ship. There are people who are lighting “street lights” (lanterns on poles) as the sun begins to fade in the distance. As the sun continues to set, there is a dim light illuminating in the distance coming from the giant electronic billboards that were seen at the beginning of the movie. Continuing to rotate around the village, the patch of plants from the final scene of the movie have grown slightly. There are vegetables and fruits being grown next to that patch of plants. The societal noises have continued throughout the entire scene to demonstrate the people are successfully living on Earth. The shot begins to pan back away from the village, giving the audience one last view of the mini-society. As night begins to sweep over, the lack of technology is evident since the only source of light from the village is shining from the lanterns.

A simple post-credit scene, this addition to the Wall-E would help enforce the theme of the movie about the overdependence on technology (demonstrating that people who used to depend on technology to do everything, including moving around, can live without it). I considered adding a part of the scene where it would flash to another part of the trashed city where all of the machines would be “living” under the guidance of WALL-E. However, I would want it to remain short and focus on the people who are trying to move back home. In my opinion, it would reinforce the idea that society can live without technology doing the work for us.


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