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Tyler Kami Richardson

hi today I'm going to be talking about comedy animes and giving you my top 10. every Anime that I have put on this list is very humorous and has parts where I just completely have laughed out loud. weather its complex jokes, slapstick, or ecchi based comedy.all of these animes are completely brilliant and are gems. I hope reading this inspires you to check out one if not all of them!

1. Baka & Test

I f****** love this show I f****** f****** f****** love this number one

2. Demon king Daimao

All hail the mighty demon king


3.Girls bravo



4.great teacher onizuka

former gang leader and all around bad ass turns into an inspiring teacher


5. Haganai

rivalry at its best


6.Heaven's lost property

Perverts and angels!what more could you want?

7.Is this a zombie

it's not everyday a zombie turns into a magical garment girl lol wtf!!

8. My bride is a mermaid

they are the mermaid Yakuza! I know check it out

9. Shin chan

check out this show! Shub chan is f****** hilarious

10. Panty & Stocking with garterbelt

this show is f****** hilarious every other word is f***** s*** or f*** or s*** or f*** or s***. it is insanely funny

Ok that's the list enjoy.feel free to follow and comment ! See ya


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