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The Scream mask is just as iconic as the film itself. When that terrifying mask comes along, you know that things are really going to kick off and that the time is ticking for the other characters.

Check out Ghostface in action:

This month MTV bring a new series to our TV screens. But what will the mask look like?

Here is the Scream mask we all know:

But producers for the new series have put their own spin on things and given the mask quite a face lift.

Executive producer Jaime Paglia explains:

The [original] mask is so iconic. If you were to have that mask in a television series, but you weren’t following any of the characters [from the original], I believe that would be misleading the audience”

So lets have a look at the new mask:

This new Scream mask design is almost unrecognisable from the original but admittedly is hella creepy. I can see why the producers wanted to change things up although I think the changes on the mask are really drastic. Here we have a whole new Scream. a new mask to go with a new chapter for the psycho killer.

The creator of the original film franchise Wes Craven approves:

“The new mask is cool and scary and takes the series into a new direction. It also ties into the story, which I won’t give away.

The mask looks like it has been pulled straight out of a nightmare and is just as creepy as its predecessor. But I think its near in possible to out do an original and I am sceptical with how the reception for the new mask will go down .

Scream starts June 30th on MTV


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