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Stephen Adamson

If you've ever met me or seen me write about Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson, you should know that I'm a huge fan of his and think he can do no wrong. I've been following the man ever since his professional wrestling days, and watched him develop in a few ways:

  • He's become a better actor over the years.
  • He's defied all odds and somehow gotten buffer over the years.
  • He's gotten better at picking movies over the years.
  • He's gotten better movie offers over the years.
  • He's a nice guy.

So, I guess those are the reasons why I love this man.

Anyways, in an interview with TV Guide Magazine, The Rock was talking TV, specifically his new HBO Summer sports agent show, Ballers and he was asked who his #1 TV crush right now was.

Skip to 1:50 to see who he chose!

“I’m going on record right now, Hayley Atwell. Beauty, brains, badassery. Rock and Hayley, we’re going to do something together one day. I’m making that declaration right now.”

Damn, Agent Carter eh? Not a bad choice at all, Rock. I see you.

I feel like the two of them could tackle (no pun intended re: Ballers) a TV series or a movie together that I would obviously want to see. This all obviously depends on whether the feelings are mutual from Hayley's end. Which, I'm sure they are since pretty much nobody doesn't like The Rock.

I mean think about it... can we at least get a cameo. She's an agent, The Rock is playing a former athlete turned agent on Ballers, there's got to be a way to get her in there as a female sports agent. That would be bad-ass!

Some people may find it weird that I have what could be described as an unhealthy amount of anxiety waiting for Ballers to come out. Do I care? Not really. I have a feeling it will be right up my alley.



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