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...I...I apologize for the title. I wanted a flashy title but...wasn't really sure how to go about it. Well, regardless, it's there, and you're here, reading my article! I guess I had better start impressing you via words and pictures now!

Seriously, tell me. Always looking to improve.
Seriously, tell me. Always looking to improve.

Well, as you may know, Moviepilot is having a post-credits scene contest. The winner, being the one with the coolest post-credits scene, gets a pretty sweet prize! I'm not going to say what it is here, because I wouldn't want to take away from you that shocked look you're going to get from finding out.

So just click on this link here to read the contest details and check out the marvelous prize (HAHAHAHA!)

Anyway, as you might have guessed, my post-credits scene is for Marvel's recent superhero ensemble epic, Avengers: Age of Ultron! I'm aware that AoU already has a post-credits scene (although it's more of a mid-credits scene.), but to be totally honest, I wasn't the least bit excited by it.

Ok, that's a lie. How could I not be excited when Thanos appeared, opening a vault which contained the Infinity Gauntlet? And that line, "Fine, I'll do it myself." indicating that he's been keeping tabs on the Avengers this whole time?! Comic book fan or not, you're heart absolutely skipped a beat during that short moment!

But...that being said, did we REALLY need to see Thanos just then? Was his appearance at the end of a movie that had barely anything to do with him (at least at the time) really necessary? My opinion? No, no it was not.

While it was epic beyond belief, seeing the Mad Titan sporting the most dangerous Nintendo Power Glove in history, it was nothing but fanfare and hype. After all, who knows when we'll actually see Thanos use that glove against his foes? My guess is, not for a while.

See, Marvel is telling a story here, with their cinematic universe. And every film is a chapter. And while Thanos is a pretty big story element, I think that the post-credits scene should have been focusing more on the next HUGE chapter of the MCU. And sorry Ant-Man, I don't mean you. While I'm positive that you'll be an important chapter in the MCU, your not the set of pages that the Avengers should be focusing on at the moment. But like I said, neither is Thanos. Here's the post-credits scene I think should have been attached to the end of Avengers: Age of Ultron!

Ultron has been defeated, the world is saved; thanks once again to the heroic team, the Avengers! But not everyone believes that the Avengers were the heroes of this battle, or any other.

As Captain America and Black Widow, the only members of the original team still active, prepare to train their New Avengers, a meeting is taking place far away, in the office of British Prime Minister, Edward Chase. Chase is in the office, along with three others; General Thaddeus E. Ross, Stark Industries CEO Tony Stark, and Oscorp Founder Norman Osborne.

Because we don't know who'll portray Osborn yet.
Because we don't know who'll portray Osborn yet.

As news of Ultron's defeat, and the evacuation of the citizens of Sokovia reaches every media platform, and the world begins to decide how they feel about the Avengers, these four men discuss their opinions on the superhero team.

"They're a danger to society! To the whole world!" barks an enraged General Ross. He slams his fist on the Prime Minister's glass coffee table, making a small but very visible crack.

"Now now, calm down General," Osborn says in a calm voice. "There's no reason to get worked up."

"No reason?! The Avengers have caused millions of dollars in property damage, the death count is high, and that big green beast injured tons of soldiers and police on duty in Africa!" The General began to pace as he listed his concerns, taking large and fuming breaths inbetween each one.

"As I recall General Ross," Osborne started, a sly smirk on his face, "you made that green beast your responsibility. Not doing a great job keeping tabs on him, are we?

The furious General ceased his pacing, turning to meet Norman Osborn's eyes directly with his. "What did you say to me Osborn?" he asked, practically growing red.

"Gentleman, I didn't call you here to fight, I called you all here to cease the fighting!" Prime Minister Chase says, worriedly. "The Avengers have caused damage, it's true, now we need to decide what to do about it."

"I say we imprison them!" Ross yells.

Before the General could say anymore, Tony, who had been quiet for the majority of the meeting, took this time to stand in and object.

"Hi, Tony Stark, resident and only Avenger here? Listen, I understand that there's been a lot of damage over the past few years; but...imprison? That's a bit harsh, and I doubt Cap would go for it."

"I was under the impression that you quit the team Stark."

"I retired, Ross. Doesn't mean I can't still vouch for them."

"And why are you vouching for them Stark?' Osborn asks the billionaire philanthropist. "Weren't you the one who said that the actions of the Avengers were too reckless?"

"These are good people. They mean well, but they're all human. Some more than others, but it's still the same principle. Besides, putting them in jail would only cause more of an issue than we need.

The three men looked at Stark, contemplating his words. "Look," Tony says, "Let me talk to Cap, about the SHRA."

"The SHRA?" Chase sat up from his chair. "Do you really think he'll go for it?"

"He's going to have to, all of them are." Osborn grabbed a glass of wine and swirled it in his hands. "Or else they'll be forced to cease their stupid heroics once and for all."

And with that, Tony, in an effort to stop any more damage and death, left to meet with Captain America. Upon his exit, Osborn, Ross and Chase sat down in front of the cracked glass table. Chase looked outside the window, making sure that Stark was far away before pressing a button underneath the table. Suddenly, the glass coffee table became a hi-tech screen, detailing a map of the world with multiple red dots marked on it.

This but even more red dots. ALL THE RED DOTS!!
This but even more red dots. ALL THE RED DOTS!!

As he began to tap the partially cracked screen, a figure limped out of the shadows. It was a man in a lab trench-coat, and a weak leg. His most noticeable feature being his abnormally large head.

"Hello gentlemen," the man says. "I take it that the Iron Man still knows nothing."

"Nothing at all, Doctor Sterns," Chase speaks.

"That is no longer who I am, Prime Minister. Dr. Samuel Sterns died all those years ago, when Emil Blonsky attacked him. In his death, The Leader was born.

"A self-absorbed name if I've ever heard one," Osborn states.

"If this plan is going to work Osborn, we should not insult one another," The Leader retaliates.

"And you're certain the plan will work?" The Prime Minister asks.

"You didn't free me from S.H.I.E.L.D custody for assumptions Prime Minister."

"Yeah, you're right, it was much too risky for that."

"I told you there would be war, a war that will assuredly cause the heroes to tear each other apart for us."

"And just how many casualties will this war bring about Leader?" Chase asks. The Prime Minister was beginning to grow concerned over the company he kept.

"Don't you worry about that, Chase. The events that will occur in this war will only assure the public that their 'heroes' are not to be worshiped; making our job of discrediting them even easier."

"Well then, perfect. I suppose that wraps up this meeting. Have a lovely day gents, my guards will see you ou—"

"But remember, Prime Minister, we ALL have a part to play, even you. How was your talk with Ulysses?

"Short-lived. He wouldn't sell me the vibranium. Haven't heard from him since the Ultron invasion."

"Disappointing. But it can be easily resolved. Now, General, it's time to discuss your part."

"Yeah," General Ross says, "And just what exactly is my part freak-show? All you've told me is that I'm on Hulk duty. How am I supposed to face off against something that can literally eat any bullet I fire at him?"

The Leader smiled as he gazed out of the office window. His hands met behind his back, and he turned his head towards Ross. "They say the best way to kill fire, General, is with fire. So, I guess the question is, how dedicated are you the cause?"

The answer is very.
The answer is very.


End Scene!

Well, there you have it, my dream scene that I wish was at the end, or even in the middle, of the Avengers: Age of Ultron credits. While it's too late now, who knows?

It would certainly be an awesome bonus scene to add to the AoU DVD/Blu-Ray! If that does happen, Marvel, I accept checks. But, I prefer cash.

I hope you enjoyed my post-credits scene linking Age of Ultron with Captain America: Civil War! Tell me in the comments what you loved/hated/were indifferent the most about about it.

Thanks For Reading!

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