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Wong Hon Fung

At the moment,Marvel is expanding its cinematic universe and add many movies such as the Guardians of the Galaxy 2.From the first movie,the Guardians of the Galaxy is a big spot-out and Kelvin Fiege announced that a second movie will be released in year 2017(or 2016,I forgot).

The movie is announced, but what is the topic?It is rumored that Annihilation will do,and I think that it is very likely.The Annihilation Wave is an overwhelming force that is from the strange dimension The Negative Zone,broke through the Crunch to attack the positive matter universe.The wave itself is made of trillions and quadrillions of insectoid ships and warriors,destroyed the Kyln,a ring of man-made moons,served as a prison and as a generator of nearly limitless power,also destroying the planet of Xandar and the Nova -corps,leaving Nova behind as the only survivor of the galactic police force.

It is very likely,that when the Avengers are cracking in Earth,forming the Civil War between Iron Man and Captain America,there will be a place of chaos in the universe,and then the Guardians of the Galaxy will unite to fight the Infinity War.

Since part of the Infinity stones are revealed during the past movies of the Avengers,and in the trailer of Infinity War,Thanos has the Infinity Germs located to his hand,he will find a way to get them all in the movies before Infinity War,so The Annihilation War may be a perfect choice for Marvel to show us more of the Infinity Goodies.

Besides,it is an opportunity for the weak Drax and his teammates to prove they are worthy in fighting Thanos.

However, this movie may not be one of Fiege's priority of the title of the movie,because Rocket the Racoon and Groot is not included in The Annihilation War,and it is very hard to add them to it.

However , if u wanted to know what the movie is about,u will have to wait untill 2017,till the Guardians of the Galaxy unveils its mask.Be patient,guys :)

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