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Somehow 11 years have past us by since Mean Girls was first unleashed on the world, bringing with it one of the most quotable film of recent years. The film, which was written by Tina Fey, has since become a cult classic, and despite being made in the mid-2000s is still as relevant as ever (and definitely more relevant than its lead star, Lindsay Lohan).

The film has proved its popularity with this amazing array of Mean Girls-themed gifts that you can buy, take a look and see if you can resist buying them! Get in loser, we're going shopping!

1. This top that keeps trying to make itself happen

Pair this with some killer perfume and you'll have the perfect baby prostitute outfit that even Janis Ian would be proud of.

2. This beautiful valentine's card

You definitely wouldn't blow off this Valentine's Day card in order to throw a house party.

3. This top that lays down the law

Seriously, there are rules for a reason.

4. This bag that let's you know how it is

You best wear pink even if it means wearing Damian's giant pink shirt.

5. This ultimate insult bracelet

No need to respond, just hold up the bracelet and add "you whore" if needed.

6. This shirt recognizing the best character of the film

The dude got FOUR candy canes, if that doesn't deserve it's own shirt I don't know what does.

7. This hat that does the talking for you

For my thoughts on the matter please refer to the hat.

8. These quotable pencils

Inspire yourself with every word you write.

9. This amazing hairclip

I hope it can fit all my hair in the clip, it's pretty big from all those secrets.

10. This advice filled vest

Preach, girl.

11. This totally Wednesday appropriate hat

Cover all your bases by wearing this bad boy solely on a Wednesday.

12. This amazing Mothers Day card

If I one day have children and am given this card I will know I have achieved all I could hope to achieve in raising them.

13. This diet-appropriate cellphone cover

For when calories are way too hard to calculate just follow your phone's advice.

14. These quotable nails that are totally not social suicide

Wherever you go you'll always have an appropriate quote for the occasion.

15. This fashion week homage shirt

Jay-Z, Anna Wintour and Grace Coddington = The real-life plastics.

16. This candle that reminds you who you should be worshipping

All hail the Queen Bee and patron saint of hair, Regina George.

17. This bow that will sit perfectly on your secret-filled locks

The perfect gift for the Gretchen Wieners in your life.

18. This self-describing card

Keep making it work, guys!

19. This motivating necklace

We can all strive to be our own personal Glen Coco's

20. These undercover Damian earrings

I want these NOW.

21. The perfect decoration for your work lunch room

Seriously, I'm not joking, you can't sit with us.

22. This comfy quotes cushion

To let all those quotes sink in while you relax on the couch.

23. This hot cup of Coco

Reserved strictly for cocoa drinking only, obvs.

24. This awesome insult cell cover

I can't text you, I'm sick. *cough cough*

25. This toaster your rich dad can totally buy you because he invented Toaster Strudel


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