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Now, when it comes to alternative versions of movie posters, the Eastern half of Europe has traditionally ruled the roost, with Poland in particular having offered up to the world some of the most gloriously, deliriously strange creations the cinematic world has ever seen.

As far as Star Wars posters are concerned, though, not even the magnificently unusual output of Poland can quite match up to the work of Hungarian artist Tibor Helényi - who, back in the 1970's and 80's, managed to transform the original Star Wars trilogy into something utterly different, but no less completely freaking awesome.

Get Ready For the Strangest Star Wars Posters...Ever

And when I say strange, I mean really strange...

As in:

A New Hope Gets Spoiler-ific

Yup - not only does the poster include a terrifying, sword-waving alien (who isn't in the movie)...

...but it also completely ruins the ending...


The Empire Strikes Back Gets Surreal

With not only a Dali-esque AT-AT...

...but also some seriously strange (but oddly appealing) Stormtroopers...

And, finally:

The Return of the Jedi Gets Melancholy

Which, considering the way Darth Vader's story ends, actually makes a whole lot sense. Though why we once again have a mysterious new alien (awesome that it is) escapes me...

...Though not as much as the fact that we also totally get told that the Death Star is going to blow up again...

The fortunate thing, though?

Despite all the weirdness, Helényi's work is so completely and utterly awesome that I honestly couldn't care less about the spoilers and random invented aliens.

I mean - just look at it.

Who wouldn't want to see that on the big screen?

What do you reckon, though?

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