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The good people behind Mission: Impossible- Rogue Nation have been spoiling us rotten. With just over a month to go until the July 31st release date, we've already got a kick-ass trailer, an intriguing plot and a poster of Tom Cruise dangling from the side of a plane- what more could we ask for, really?

The team have taken it one step further and given us not one, not two, but seven new posters, showcasing M:I5's antagonists and protagonists.

As a quick recap, the story for Rogue Nation goes a little something like this:

The IMF agency comes under threat from the Syndicate, a near-mythical organization of assassins and rogue operatives who kill to order. Faced with the IMF's disbandment, Ethan Hunt assembles his team for their final and most difficult mission —to prove the Syndicate's existence and bring the organization down by any means necessary.

The Syndicate certainly sound like they could be Ethan Hunt's most deadly and formidable foe to date. You can see some of the Syndicate at work in the trailer below, which is jam-packed with everything we've come to expect from the Mission: Impossible franchise: breathtaking stunts, fast cars, cool gadgets, babes in bikinis and Tom Cruise generally being a boss.

Now, the Mission: Impossible team are teasing us with seven stunning new posters, giving us a better look at familiar faces and new characters alike.

Tom Cruise: Ethan Hunt

Jeremy Renner: William Brandt

Simon Pegg: Benji Dunn

Ving Rhames: Luther Stickell

Rebecca Ferguson: Ilsa

Alec Baldwin: Head of the CIA

Simon McBurney: Undisclosed

In little over a month, we'll know if Rogue Nation is the grand finale Ethan and co. deserve.


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