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You could have the perfect princess gown, complete with frills, lace, and bows. You can paint your face as well as Princess Jasmine, Show White, Or Cinderella. And you can get your hair precisely coiffed, curled, brushed, and braided.

But you can destroy the entire ensemble without one crucial detail.

The shoes.

And I'm not talking about any old pair of shoes. Something as fabulous and stylish to really complete the trendy and stunning look you're going for.

Don't settle for less, people. And you definitely won't be with these lavishly exquisite heels to pretty up your feet.

1. Feeling Rosey in Red and White

I love that Alice and the Cheshire Cat are peeking out on the back of the heels. Alice's sleeve is incredibly badass, the look on her face is so sultry, and the red and white roses are gorgeous.

Side View

These shoes are a knockout.

2. She's Got a Killer Strut

These shoes inspired by the Evil Queen from Snow White is sure to bring out the naughty side of you.

Side View

You'll have everyone calling you "Your Highness" all night long.

3. Magnificent Maleficent

No one is going to mess with you in these heels. Warn people not to get too close; you won't be afraid to flash your fiery side.

Side View

Who says you can't wear blue and black together?

4. Sea Witch Sexy

Nothing is hotter than being part human and part octopus, and these shoes prove it.

Side View

Purple and black compliment each other incredibly well, and it is a guarantee you will rule the sea looking this good.

Slip them on your feet, get ready to dance the night away, while simultaneously taking over the world with your villainous powers.

There's nothing more attractive than looking like a princes, but feeling naughty and devilish on the inside.

[Source: Trend Hunter Fashion]


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