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Happy Friday everyone! It has been yet another AH-MAZING week with lots of great new Creators jumping on the Moviepilot bandwagon. Now the time has come to highlight the best of the best. Check our this week's Top 10 Posts By New Creators and don't forget to show them some well-deserved love.

1. Putting The "Ha!" in Harley Quinn BY Mira's Edge

As the seemingly never-ending flow of pictures stream in from the set of Suicide Squad, it has fans in a flurry of chatter, discussing the new look Harley Quinn and Joker. It seems to be a love it or hate it kind of situation. Whichever stance you take, you would be pretty hard pushed to not like what Miranda Roper has cooked up with her authentic and true to the comics Harleen Quinzel and Mr. J cosplay. The hammer picture is a must see for any true DC fan!

2. Marvel Comics Silhouettes BY Charlie Ans

Superheroes are loved all over the world and recognizable to millions of fans. According to artist and new Creator Charlie Ans their silhouettes are a key element of who they are as characters. Using his own unique style, he went on to create a series of famous superheroes defined by their silhouettes, exchanging their ever so popular costumes with elements related to them.

3. 10 Signs You're Deadpool BY Jayland Cartman

Do you find yourself absent-mindedly thinking about Batman? Do love chimichangas, or making social situations weird? Do you have a slightly embarrassing crush on Thor? If the answer to any of these questions is "Yes", new Creator Jayland Cartman has some news for you- you might just be Deadpool.

4. Who's Your TV/Movie Serial Killer Date? BY Rachel Gilmour

Looking for love in all the wrong places? Keen to hit it off with someone you could really sink your teeth into? Maybe you should turn to a fictional serial killer to get your kicks. Moviepilot first timer, Rachel Gilmour has created a quiz that will assign you to your homicidal bae. Just don't blame us when it gets messy!

5. How to Make an Awesome Superman Game BY Richard Berrigan

With the upcoming release of Arkham Knight, Batfans the world over are ravenous with Batlust, they're thirsty for another slice of Dark Knight Gaming action. It seems to be the only thing on their minds besides Batfleck donning his epic mech-suit (those white glowing eyes though!). But what about ol’ supes? When will we get to see a 3rd person video game of a similar calibre? Well, Richard Berrigan might just have the answer to this in his brilliantly thought out games pitch!

6. So You've Always Wanted to Cosplay... BY Kiwi

Have you ever wanted to get into Cosplaying but thought, it’s too much work? I don’t know where to get started? If you have then this is post was made just for you. MP newcomer and cosplay connoisseur ‘Kiwi’ was put together a step by step list that will teach you everything from finding conventions to picking the perfect digs. It’s a very thorough ‘Cosplay for Dummies’, if you will. Check it out, and see what it takes to become a pro cosplayer!

7. The New Green Lantern: If Chris Pine Is NOT Hal Jordan, Who Is? BY Zuriel Goodwin

Many thought Chris Pine was a shoo-in to play The Green Lantern in the DCCU, so it came as quite a shock when it was announced he's in talks to play Steve Trevor in the Wonder Woman movie. With Chris out of the picture, who's still in the running for the role? Zuriel Goodwin has been digging through IMDB to find out which actors may be landing a bigger role in the DC Cinematic Universe than we first thought.

8. Minimalist Movie Posters BY Jesse Pyysalo

A wise man once said, “there are 50 ways to make a poster.” Actually I lied, nobody said that. But that doesn’t mean it’s not true! Movie posters come in all shapes, sizes, colours, textures and styles yet they all attempt to do the same thing - tell you part of the story. New Creator Jesse Pyysalo has created a series of posters in his own style using minimalistic colour schemes, shapes and geometric letters. These posters might be minimal in style, but the stories they tell are anything but.

9. Turning Animation Into Live Action: Meet the Team Behind This Big Hero 6 Cosplay! BY Jin (behindinfinity)

We've been seeing a lot of cosplay on Moviepilot lately, and are pleased to say that superstar cosplayer Jin has joined as a Creator to discuss his work! Most famous for his stunning Big Hero 6 cosplay, Jin takes us through the trials and tribulations of his fandom as well as the hard work and success that comes with it. A must read for anyone keen on cosplay!

10. Ever Wondered How Batman Could Stand Up Against Superman Next Year? Here Are Some Points To Consider! BY Akil Manaz

With the release of the much anticipated Batman vs Superman approaching ever so slowly, you can't help but wonder who'll win this epic battle. Most people have put their money on Superman but Batman fans have all but given up on their favorite superhero. Not sure how this will all play out? New Creator Akil Manaz has given us some points to consider.

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