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Analysts believe that it does not matter whose ad is playing on the Netflix platform.

Netflix Inc. is the online streaming giant, which has changed the perception of television viewers. Since its inception, the company is ‘writing the future’ of the television industry and it has disrupted it where competitors tried to compete against it. There is no doubt that the streaming giant is the center of attention every ‘now and then’. Previously, it was occurred because of expansion and surpassing 60 million users’ mark but this time, it is about its original content and programming, along with advertisements, which it would welcome on its platform.

Netflix is ranked in the Forbes list of top 30 most innovative companies. There is no doubt that the trend of internet TV is immensely growing throughout the world and the company is catching on every opportunity to remain the leader of the market. Hence, after shaping up the industry regarding how to watch television, it is now more focused to reshape the presence of online video.

Recently, Netflix has noticed a slow growth in its user database. After hearing that the online streaming giant will be adding teasers and promos of their own online video content before and after the streamed program, it has created an environment of outrage amongst its users. According to Forbes, “The last time Netflix disappointed its users was back in 2011, when CEO Reed Hastings announced a 60% price increase and plans to separate Netflix’s online streaming from DVD-by-mail by integrating the latter service into a new business called Qwikster.”

As the CEO noticed that the viewers are not happy with the decision, he publicly apologized for his abrupt decision to split the business and went on to cancel such plans. However, this strategy resulted in a loss for Netflix, as it lost more than 800,000 subscribers in a short span of time.

Sensing outrage with this decision, the company has reacted quickly in order to defend its decision and add teasers and promos on the platform. Mr. Reed Hastings mentioned this in his Facebook post regarding the ads by saying, “No advertising coming onto Netflix. Period. Just adding relevant cool trailers for other Netflix content you are likely to love.”

Netflix has denied all plans that might involve third party advertisers to add their teasers and promos as well on the platform. It can be seen that Mr. Hastings turned down a heavy deal from Ritz Crackers regarding advertisements.

It is believed that advertisements would not harm or matter on the platform regardless of their ownership from Netflix or any other third party.


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