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Ant-Man has had the odds stacked against it from the start. First there was Edgar Wright pulling out of the project which I'll proudly admit was downright tragic, and then the first trailer was released to a somewhat tepid response. The second Ant-Man trailer corrected things somewhat, but it's not until this brand new TV spot that we're getting a sense of what the tone of Marvel's Ant-Man really is!

"A soldier the size of an insect!"

"The ultimate secret weapon!" proclaims Cory Stoll as Darren Cross. While the Ant-Man technology is certainly incredible and worth showing off, you've gotta ask, do we really need this many ultimate secret weapons and super soldiers? In the Marvel universe and pretty much throughout the whole of fiction, this kind of thing always gets way out of control.

It always seems like a good idea at first.
It always seems like a good idea at first.

Cory Stoll plays Darren Cross, who assumes the role of Yellowjacket. Promotion so far has showcased him quite nicely as a villain. He's similar to Obadiah Stane from the first Iron Man film, in that he feels his own technology has been stolen by do-gooders for the sake of namby pamby heroics! So aside from a little more of Yellowjacket, what else is new in this recent TV spot?

That music!

This is the track 2020 by Suuns, and that crazy straining seems to be sending the audience a message. While Guardians of the Galaxy is undoubtedly the weirdest thing to come out of the Marvel Cinematic Universe yet, it still employed fun familiar retro stylings to appeal to us. Ant-Man on the other hand is getting truly weird on us. No Inception horns to be found here! This track tells us that Marvel knows what a weird project Ant-Man is, and it's just rolling with it. With this kind of tone, I'm told what I can expect from the full movie.

Fun Exploration!

Scott Lang using the suit
Scott Lang using the suit

You know what I miss? Superheroes discovering their powers! Remember how fun those scenes were of Tobey Maguire flailing around in the first Spider-Man movie? Iron Man had this too, but ever since, superhero movies have assumed the audience knows everything about the central character. Now Ant-Man is here, and we can really relish in those scenes of Scott Lang teething and discovering the suit. There's almost an Alice in Wonderland vibe with this premise. The protagonist changing size opens up a whole world of bizarre perspectives!

Tiny action scenes!

Some pretty modest action scenes
Some pretty modest action scenes

Take a look at this shot from the movie, and think about what's happening here. Scott Lang is being shot at by some adversaries. Sure. Nothing new. Yet he's small, so every bullet is essentially a torpedo to him. AND he's in some kind of cardboard model city, with bullet impacts basically acting as giant explosions. This is some Man of Steel level destruction going on, and yet it's all framed through a kooky, unconventional idea. This is what gives Ant-Man, and Marvel in general, the edge, for they know to take risks. This movie seems to trust the audience to enjoy the action scenes even when they know the hero is only an inch tall.

All these are reasons to be excited for Ant-Man upon its release on July 17th. Are you ready for the Marvel MCU to get weirder?


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