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Given the frankly obscene amount of new Marvel films on the roster, we're going to meet a lot of new faces from the Marvel Universe. From Dr. Strange to Luke Cage, from Black Panther to Deadpool (let's just ignore the Wolverine appearance, shall we?) a lot of Marvel's best characters will soon be getting the on-screen treatment they deserve. Of course, not every Marvel Comics character can make the cut and become immortalized on celluloid - but here's five characters who definitely deserve to enter the MCU:

1. Moon Knight

Why He'd be Awesome: He's an ex-boxer, ex-CIA agent and ex-mercenary resurrected by the Egyptian God of Vengeance. Chuck in a list of aliases, serious mental health troubles, a badass white costume and a bank account which Marvel themselves describe as "ballin’ out of control," and you've got a dynamic vigilante who could easily hold his own show. Honestly, it's a crime this hasn't happened already.

Where He'd Fit in: Netflix would be the obvious choice. Between Daredevil and the rumored appearance of Punisher on Netflix TV, Moon Knight would definitely fit into this world of gritty, street-level vigilantes. He also has a history of teaming up with the likes of Daredevil and Punisher, so a Moon Knight series would be ripe for crossovers. He'd also fit in with the dark, brutal tone that Netflix seem to be aiming for. One of Moon Knight's classic moments involves him cutting the face off his original murderer - not sure that's going fly with the comparably family-friendly Avengers.

2. Cable

Why He'd be Awesome: He's the time-traveling son of Cyclops and Madeleine Pryor (a sort of evil clone of Jean Grey), genetically engineered to take down Apocalypse. Given Apocalypse is about to enter the X-Men universe in a big way, it seems a shame that Cable isn't already along for the ride.

As well as hopping between time streams, he's also an incredibly powerful telepath and telekinetic, and brings a spaceship with him from the future. Pretty damn awesome.

Where He'd Fit in: Definitely on the Fox side of things. Not only would he get to join the X-Men, but maybe also make an appearance in the Deadpool movie. The duo even had a shared series Cable & Deadpool, where they proved to be one of Marvel's most hilarious and unusual buddy teams.

3. She-Hulk

Why She'd be Awesome: I know more than a few people who sighed in disappointment when it was announced we may be getting another Hulk in the MCU - and it's not She-Hulk. Throughout the comics, She-Hulk has proved time and time again to be a fast, witty character, who's able to control her Hulk powers and is a kickass lawyer to boot.

Where She'd Fit in: Mark Ruffalo's Hulk is currently AWOL, and could be doing anything. Why not give his cousin the life-saving blood transfusion that brings She-Hulk to life? It would definitely take some imaginative scripting, but given the beating the Avengers team have been getting over the treatment & representation of female characters, now might be just the time.

4. Taskmaster

Why He'd be Awesome: He has a power I can't recall seeing in any superhero TV show or movie, ever. Taskmaster has the ability to memorize an opponent's fighting style on sight, as well as mimicking it (and using it against them) immediately. Given his encyclopedic knowledge of fighting styles, he's often called upon by organizations of criminals and villains to school them. Pretty unique, no?

Where He'd Fit in: He wouldn't make a worthy foe for demigods or super-powerful mutants, as his ability to replicate fighting styles would be no match. Earth-616 Taskmaster started out as a S.H.I.E.L.D operative before gaining his unique powers, so Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D would be the natural choice.

5. Black Cat

Why She'd be Awesome: This is a deeply subjective, personal pick, as Black Cat was my favorite Marvel character growing up. Her powers shift radically depending on which comics you encounter her in, but one of her more unique traits is the ability to bestow "bad luck" upon her enemies, causing improbable calamities to happen to them when they're in her line of fire. At other times Black Cat is without powers, but remains as easily the coolest lady in Spider-Man's harem.

Where She'd Fit in: She'd be a great fit for the Spider-Man reboot, having nearly appeared in previous Spider-Man movies several times. It was rumored at one point that Anne Hathaway would bring her to life on the big screen (and I'd love it if the same actress played Black Cat and Catwoman). A character called Felicia Hardy (the alias of Black Cat) appeared in The Amazing Spider-Man 2, but alas, no latex-clad ass-kicking occurred. It's about time Black Cat got a major role in a Spider-Man film.


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