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I firmly believe that sex is something to be celebrated - a beautiful, natural and healthy thing that should be discussed openly and without fear of judgement.

Because of this, I'm always encouraged when a celebrity has the guts to speak freely about their own personal sex lives, thereby encouraging others to broach the supposedly 'taboo' subject without shame. As Cameron Diaz once put it, "We need it as human beings. It's healthy, it's natural, it's what we are here to do!"

In the candid spirit of sexy free speech, here are 9 salacious celeb confessions, revealing what the Hollywood elite really get up to between the sheets. You might be surprised to find you have a lot more in common with them than you think!

1. Robert Downey Jr. - Jackin' the Beanstalk

Sexual Confession: "I was a compulsive, serial masturbator. But it was the best thing I could have been. I utilized that organ and rode it for everything it was worth."

Well, there are far worse things to be addicted to...


2. Kristen Stewart - Handcuffs, Blindfolds, and Feathers

Sexual Confession: A source close to told Star magazine that K-Stew and her former lover Robert Pattinson enjoyed a “very active sex life” and liked to do the deed "7 times a day," using "handcuffs, blindfolds, and feathers.”

Sounds like the passionate Twilight twosome just couldn't get enough of each other!

3. Scarlett Johansson - Ridin' Dirty

Sexual Confession: "I love sex in a car. If I were in a really raunchy frame of mind, wanting something crazy and kinky, the back seat would be it."

I always knew ScarJo had a wild streak in her.


4. George Clooney - Climbing to a Climax

Sexual Confession: "I believe [my first orgasm] was while climbing a rope when I was 6 or 7 years old. I mean, nothing came out, but all the other elements were there. I remember getting to the top of the rope, hanging off the rope, and going, 'Oh my God, this feels great!'"

Gym class must've been an absolute riot for young Cloons.


5. Jada Pinkett Smith - Pleasing Big Will

Sexual Confession: "Be sneaky. . . . your girlfriend's house at a party. The bathroom. A bedroom. Think of places outside that are comfortable to have sex. Does he have access to his office? Have a fantasy date. Be his secretary! Pull over on the side of the road... Just switch it up."


6. Angelina Jolie - Pregnant Sex

Sexual Confession: "[Pregnancy is] great for the sex life. It just makes you a lot more creative, so you have fun, and as a woman you’re just so round and full."

The most effective form of birth control turns out to also be quite the aphrodisiac for Jolie!


7. Sting - Dress Up

Sexual Confession: [On his wife Trudie Styler] "When we see each other, it's romance. I don't think pedestrian sex is very interesting. There's a playfulness we have; I like the theater of sex. I like to look good. I like her to dress up. I like to dress her up."

You know, I was kinda expecting something a lot more outrageous than that, coming from Sting.


8. Ke$ha - Supernatural Sex

Sexual Confession: "I’ve got a song called ‘Supernatural,' that song was about having sex with a ghost. I lived in this flop house at Rural Canyon and there was this weird energy that lived there, and it used to keep me up at night and wake me up. And it progressed into this dark, sexual spirit. I don't know his name — he was a ghost. I'm very open to it."

Scary Movie 2, anyone?


9. Armie Hammer - The Heat of the Moment

Sexual Confession: "One chick tried to stab me when we were having sex. I should so not be telling this story. She was like, 'True love leaves scars. You don't have any.' And then she tried to stab me with a butcher knife. Of course I promptly broke up with her... seven months later."

Well, that escalated quickly.



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