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Despite what you might want to think when it comes to your parents, sex doesn't end in a person's twenties.

Although older bodies are virtually invisible in cinema, the vintage pioneers in the post below have all stripped down to their birthday suits for various reasons. While some of them strive to show us older people can still be sexual beings, there are moments of comedy and the all too common body horror that aging brings in its wake.

While there are almost certainly more left field movies with older naked, rutting protagonists, the list below is a cross section of a few of cinema's seniors that have dared to bare all.

Gerda Gilboe and Aksel Rasmussen - Carlo and Ester (1994)


  • Gerda Gilboe - 84-years-old
  • Aksel Rasmussen - 74-years-old

Backstory: Unsurprisingly, Carlo and Ester is straight out of Europe and from the gleefully liberal Denmark.

The story follows Carlo (Aksel Rasmussen), an ex brick layer and motorbike racer who lives in a nursing home with his wife, Viola, who suffers from severe Alzheimer's syndrome.

When he meets Ester (Gerda Gilboe), a widow living alone in her small apartment, the two embark on a passionate affair that appalls their adult children. Despite the controversy about the morality of their love affair, Ester understands that Carlo needs to spend most of his time with his ailing wife.

Movie Fact: Sadly both Gerda Gilboe and Aksel Rasmussen are now deceased after dying in 2009 and 2011 respectively.

Andy Griffith and Liz Sheridan - Play the Game (2009)


  • Andy Griffith - 83-years-old
  • Liz Sheridan - 80-years-old

Backstory: Granddad Joe (Andy Griffith) is fed up with life and missing his deceased wife until his grandson David teaches him the dating tricks he needs to find new love and embarks on a new sexual frontier with Edna (Liz Sheridan) and Rose (Doris Roberts), women from his retirement home.

Movie Fact: Liz Sheridan almost slid right off the bed due to the slippery satin sheets in this scene, but the director caught her. Reportedly, Andy Griffith carried on with the scene like nothing had happened.

Jessica Tandy - Camilla (1994)


  • 85-years-old

Backstory: Camilla is a female friendship story that follows a road trip that Camilla (Jessica Tandy) and Freda (Bridget Lopez) take together after Ferda has an argument with her husband over her musical career.

The pair carry out various adventures (including skinny dipping) on their way to Toronto to see Brahms' violin concerto at the Winter Garden Theatre.

Movie Fact: Camilla was the last time Jessica Tandy and her real-life husband Hume Cronyn appeared in a movie together.

Diane Keaton and Jack Nicholson - Something's Gotta Give (2003)


  • Jack Nicholson - 66-years-old
  • Diane Keaton - 57-years-old

Backstory: Harry Sanborn (Jack Nicholson) is a music industry executive on the cusp of retirement who has a fondness for inappropriately young women. While at his trophy girlfriend Marin's (Amanda Peet) house, Harry has a heart attack and Marin's mother Erica (Diane Keaton) saves his life.

While left in the care of Erica and the doctors, a love triangle begins to take shape as Harry realizes he is attracted to a woman closer to his own age.

Movie Fact: Twentieth Century Fox declined to get behind Something's Gotta Give because they thought that the leads were too old.

Burgess Meredith - Such Good Friends (1971)


  • 54-years-old

Backstory: The loose plot of this movie is that Julie Messinger (Dylan Cannon) discovers her husband has been having multiple affairs while awaiting the outcome of his surgery.

While the movie isn't particularly memorable, Burgess Meredith's appearance is. Although the veteran actor isn't even that old in this movie (three years older than Brad Pitt to be precise!), his naked body covered by only a mere pamphlet burned itself into many retinas.

Movie Fact: Although Burgess Meredith bared all, the movie's younger lead, Dylan Cannon opted out. The nude photo that is shown of her in the movie is actually her face glued onto someone else's body.

The Witches - Roman Polanski's Macbeth (1971)


  • Maisie MacFarquhar - 71-years-old
  • Elsie Taylor - 64-years-old

Backstory: I'm going to go ahead and presume that you know the story of Macbeth with all of its hubble-bubble treachery.

Movie Fact: Despite its highbrow content, Polanski's Macbeth was the very first "Playboy Production" for the cinema.

Meryl Streep and Alec Baldwin - It's Complicated (2009)


  • Meryl Streep - 59-years-old
  • Alec Baldwin - 51-years-old

Backstory: While attending their son's college graduation, former couple Jane (Meryl Streep) and Jake (Alec Baldwin) unexpectedly reignite the spark in their relationship. Unfortunately for them, the situation is made complicated by the fact that Jake is remarried...

Movie Fact: It's thought that the way the movie depicts recreational marijuana smoking, as opposed to the sex scenes, is what gave It's Complicated an R rating.

Billie Gibson - The Shining (1980)


  • 74-years-old

Backstory: If you haven't seen The Shining, shame on you! This psychological masterpiece of horror is deeply complex in its symbolism and plot devices, but it is based around an evil presence that haunts a family staying in an isolated hotel over winter.

It also happens to feature one of the most harrowing nude scenes in history.

Movie Fact: Billie Gibson isn't actually an actress, she was simply a friend of Kubrick who offered to help out with the move.


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