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I'll be honest. I used to love watching Twilight! Especially the first one-that was until they made it quite fantasized. Believe me, I'm fourteen and I HATE fantasies! It's just too much fiction! Especially the sparkles, that just ruined the whole thing-I mean what type of vampires-have sparkling skin! That's just so illogical. Have you seen any movies-with vampires-have sparkling skin?

I quit watching The Twilight when they released the last Saga. Fortunately, for my brain-and mind- I haven't seen it! Which I am grateful for! But that moment of joy was all gone when I saw a scene where Bella- Or Kristen gave birth to the baby. I won't sleep tonight, that's for sure.

Breaking Dawn is great and all- But how did- I don't get it- Why does Edward-Or Robert- wants to be nude-half-nude- in front of billion of people! I still don't get the point of it no matter how many times I've watched it! But I still like-not love- it? Meh, I can' really tell.

But one thing's for sure! I love the first Twilight better that any other-except the sparkling of zhe skin~! How do they even make it sparkle? Graphics or Makeup? Meh.

Ooh! I love the books! They're just epic-my mind created all sorts of awesome scenes that were epic-till I watched the movie..



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