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Since scaring is caring, we wrangled the best Insidious: Chapter 3 posts from the spirit world. Here's what Moviepilot Creators had to say about the film, which crept out just last week:

Caught on tape. How do you dream up a psycho-thriller? Dash Finley's interview with Insidious' director and stars gets some horror hangups solved.

Go with your gut. Some feelings prove true; others, false. But for Khalil Wright, all signs in Insidious 1 & 2 point to... This insane fan theory. Do you agree?

Look beyond. Quiet on the set! We can't hear the ghosts. Can you spot any on set in Tyler Sparks' behind-the-scenes pics?

Grave ditcher. Elise Rainer appears in the Insidious franchise despite being dead or alive. But as Catrina Dennis so insightfully points out here, this prequel belongs to her.

Scary funny. For this romp of a trailer reaction video, Rashad Moore poses us with a slippery question: "Goshdarnit, can y'all stop getting possessed?"

Nicole Renee, got to creep around the Insidious set after dark...

And Moviepilot Creators entered the Insidious haunted house... With their moms!


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