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Let's face it, even after the average reception that Ubisoft received with Watch Dogs in 2014, they didn't invest that sort of money into developing a new IP to leave it with only one instalment. Watch Dogs 2 is coming - the question is whether it'll become another Assassin's Creed-like franchise. I maintain that Watch Dogs as a franchise has potential, it's an interesting premise. The problem is that the game has a woeful storyline and doesn't come close to really developing its intriguing gameplay mechanics into anything particularly fun or interesting.

But aside from all of its gameplay issues and narrative failings, we're wondering where exactly Ubisoft can move its franchise. The thing about Assassin's Creed and Watch Dogs, is that the formula can really work in any city in the world. I've always felt that Watch Dogs had a great opportunity to criticise our technology-focused lives, or at least work-in criticisms of modern culture into its plot. It tried to, and it failed. But looking at our world today, where is the ideal location for Watch Dogs 2 - is it Tokyo?

Tokyo in Watch Dogs 2
Tokyo in Watch Dogs 2

What Dogs 2 - Is its Ideal Location Tokyo, Japan?

Just look at that city. From a Watch Dogs perspective, it has endless hacking potential. Of course, Watch Dogs 2 will be set in the not-so-distant future, so they could overhaul any city they like. But the open world of Watch Dogs just felt so dry and unimaginative. Chicago was a really boring city to traverse in this game - Ubisoft made it feel lifeless. If Watch Dogs 2 could move its setting to the bustling streets of Tokyo, the setting alone would be enough to intrigue players to trying out the game - just look at Sleeping Dogs and its beautiful Hong Kong setting!

One of the main attractions to Sleeping Dogs was that it allowed players to try out an open world game set outside of America (and the game was seriously awesome). The lights and sounds of its city were totally alien, even driving on the opposite side of the road was strange (not that I stick to the rules anyway - but you know what I mean). Maybe Watch Dogs 2 and Sleeping Dogs 2 should combine into one game!!!

But moving Watch Dogs 2 to a more attractive and other-worldly city would be something that could stand to it! They just need some way to move it out of the rut that it's currently in and I think Tokyo would be a great start.

Watch Dogs 2
Watch Dogs 2

But what do you think guys? What were your main issues with Watch Dogs and do you think Watch Dogs 2 will improve upon everything Ubisoft set out to do? Is Tokyo a good location for Ubisoft's sequel? Be sure to let us know in the comments below!


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