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Huge comic book fan raising my children the same way.
Michael Carline

As the father of an 8yr old girl and raising her with a love of comics like I should, I have a problem. My daughter always asks the same questio, why are the heroes always men? She loves Gamorra and Black Widow and we can now add Scarlet Witch to the group but really that's it. She is longing for a female superhero that can take the lead and have the boys follow her and I have to agree. More and more girls are interested in comics and with the success of Frozen a moview where two sisters we're the heroes it is time for a female lead superhero. The question now is who?

Wonder Woman

This is an obvious choice. Diana Prince is everything little girls are crying out for. She is strong, a leader, and a button kicking amazon warrior. Girls today want a superhero that can compete with the boys and Wonder Woman is the perfect choice. She is also getting her own movie soon and will appear in Dawn of Justice. So beyond Wonder Woman who else would you want to see, here are my 4 top candidates that need their own movie.

She Hulk

Jennifer Walters aka She Hulk is the cousin of Bruce Banner and gets the Hulks powers from her cousin. What she doesn't get is his weakness and maintains her intelligence when she is the Hulk. This is what makes her a great choice. She is a lawyer and many times it is her intellect along with her strength that serves her best. As a dad those aspects are exactly what I want my daughter to role model. She isn't just a strong hero physically but a strong hero mentally with an independent and strong willed personality. She embraces being a Hulk and has even gone toe to toe with her cousin. In some ways I would prefer her even to Wonder Woman as the perfect choice to lead the Super female recolution.


Barbera Gordon is the daughter of police commissioner Jim Gordon and also part of the Bat Family. She is at times the heart of the family balancing out the brooding nature of many of the other members. She doesn't have super strength like Wonder Woman and She Hulk but more than makes up for it with skill and intelligence. She is determined and positive which is shown in the way she handled becoming paralyzed. Instead of quitting she leaned on her other abilities to forge a career as Oracle, Batman's eye in the sky so to speak. She also would be a great role model for little girls and also allows you to introduce other female heroes like Huntress.

Starfire and Raven

A team up between these two teen titans has the potential to be fantastic. Both girls are dealing with family issues in their own ways. It is these differences that make them a great choice. Most girls can relate to one of these two and can connect to seeing them on the big screen. Teens also could relate to a story about two opposites coming together despite their diffrences. Also it would fill a void left when the Amazing Spiderman franchise ended and that's the high school superhero film. You could set this in a high school and make it a serious film about growing up and becoming an adult with these caracters.

Jean Grey aka Phoenix

She is the most powerful mutant and maybe the most powerful being in the marvel universe. She also is caught in a love triangle with Cyclops and Wolverine, always struggles to find her place in the world, becomes a mom, and is just an all around superwoman. This movie could become a great TV series following a young an insecure Jean as she grows into becoming the all powerful Phoenix. Along the way she needs to learn to control her powers which given how emotions effect her powers would be quite a feat for a teenage girl. I know my daughter would love this as a series and would watch every episode.

So these are my choices for 4 female superhero movies/TV shows. Let me know what you think.


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