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Today the newest original Netflix series Sense8 became available for streaming, all twelve episodes at once in the way we are all beginning to love so much. I'm halfway through the third episode and I realised that it takes a couple of episodes to understand what is going on with the eight different main characters. So I've got a little list of them down and an introduction to each character, to make it easier for you to understand who is who and what's going on when you begin your own binge watch.

Will Gorski (Brian J Smith)

Location: Chicago (USA)

Will is a policeman in Chicago, faced everyday with the horror of what people are willing to do when their ideals are twisted by life experiences. He sees an example of this in the pilot episode, when him and his partner try to do something that Will is certain is the right thing to do, but many disagree, much to Will's surprise. Will has issues with his father, whose ideals often come into conflict with his own, and this has caused some resentment between them.

As Will starts to come into his sensate abilities, he also searches for the woman he saw in a vision, who seems to be linking the sensates together. He finds out that she killed herself in Chicago, and starts to dig deeper into the truth behind what is happening. He is also the first to start to understand his abilities.

Riley (Tuppence Middleton)

Location: London (England)

Riley is an up and coming Dj in London, though she was born in Iceland and ran away to England after some unknown issues with her family. She misses her father from what she says, and always loved listening to him playing the piano. Riley gets caught up in the pilot episode with some people who are less than honourable, and is put into a horrifying position, which seems too horrible to deal with.

As Riley gains sensate abilities, she tries to deal with them as best she can, but it is difficult for her as she doesn't have anyone close enough to her for her to talk about it. She also is fascinated constantly by her transportation to other places, and her geographical knowledge seems sketchy at least.

Capheus (Aml Ameen)

Location: Nairobi (Kenya)

Capheus is a bus driver attempting to make ends meat against the competition, but is doing so to keep himself and his mother afloat, and to attempt to pay for her AIDS medication. Unfortunately the people around him are less than noble, and he constantly overpays for false medication, making his mother sicker by the day. When his sensate abilities start to reveal themselves, he has the most to gain from them, however the opportunities presented lead to unforseeable consequences. He too seems to love transporting to other places, and the most he knows about England is "The queen, and Harry Potter!" He also seems to have a problem with connecting with his abilities when he needs to, however you cannot say that he is phazed by their appearance.

Sun (Bae Doona)

Location: Seoul

Sun works at the company which her father owns. She works in a far less important position than her brother, who has always been her father's favourite. She is also an underground kickboxing fighter, and an incredible one at that. When pushed to the limits at her job, Sun is forced to do something she doesn't want to, and her anger affects the other sensates as their connections grow stronger. However, her fighting abilities are a huge advantage for the others.

Lito (Miguel Ángel Silvestre)

Location: Mexico City

Lito is a huge film star in the middle of filming his latest movie. His main problem is his co-star in the film, who is interested in him romantically, and she is not taking no as an answer. This becomes a greater problem for him because he is hiding a secret from everyone, and he is not sure if he can trust her to keep it. As his sensate abilities become more apparent, Lito is left confused and disgruntled by his new abilities, as he doesn't understand what is happening and finds himself going a little crazy. He is also the most humorous character so far, and is especially effected by the emotions that the other sensates are feeling at that time, which is proving very interesting.

Kala (Tina Desai)

Location: Mumbai

Kala is a pharmacist working in Mumbai. She is very devoted to God, and finds herself in the age old position of being in a engagement with someone she does not love. The man she is promised to is very kind, but she cannot bring herself to love him, but his family is rich and she cannot bear to tell her family for fear of the shame that would be brought upon them. While she seems confused by her sensate abilites, she also seems to find something she has been looking for in them. She is probably my favourite character so far, she is such a pure character and so kind to everyone. I hope that as the characters begin to grow closer that she has an influence on the less kind characters, instead of the other way around.

Wolfgang (Max Riemelt)

Location: Berlin

Wolfgang is the polar opposite to Will, a criminal. It's an exciting prospect to have a cop and a criminal connected so intimately, for them to see the reasons they both do what they do is going to affect them deeply. Wolfgang is a lock smith, who doubles as a safe cracker. He loves to sing, but has unresolved issues with his father from his childhood. When he gets a big score, he tries to celebrate it, as well as having to try and keep it safe.

Nomi Marks (Jamie Clayton)

Location: San Francisco

Nomi is a Lesbian living with her long term partner. She has been open about her sexuality for many years and participates actively in Pride marches. However her past life causes great conflict with her family, who she tries to avoid as much as she can. When the sensate effects start to be noticed by others, Nomi is in need of her fellow sensates to save her from being destroyed.

Personally, I can't wait to watch more of this show. It's off to a great start and I have faith that it's going to continue that way. The short interactions between the characters so far have been brilliant, and often absolutely hilarious, and I can't wait to see more of them. This show could and will go in so many different directions, and I look forward to it.


Who is your favourite sensate so far?


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