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One of the most evil villian in Marvel Cinematic Universe is Red Skull but it is still unknown of his death. Last time we saw him holding the Tesseract and transferred to the Yggdrasil.

And now the post credit scene.

Post-Credit Scene

We are in the outer space. We see the mad titan Thanos sitting on his chair monitoring the previous activities of the Avengers, especially Captain America. He angrily smashes off the screen. Because of the Avengers attempt to stop him.

He states

"You sure this will tear him apart".

A reply comes from dark:

"Oh! Yeah Captain Rogers would never saw it ."

It was a fimilar voice and body.

He steps out of the dark, It was the Red Skull.

Red Skull is alive and teamed up with the mad titan Thanos.

I hoped you enjoyed it and I know you also want Red Skull back in game. Captain America : Civil War will releases on 6th May 2016.


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