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From a young age we first begin thinking and dreaming about the future, wondering what might we grow up to be. These young ideas become a fixated ambition for some and these people then carry these ideas through into their adult lives doing all they can to turn themselves into their childhood icon. Some achieve this through makeup, others go to more extreme lengths and have surgery...

Here are 11 of the most dedicated:

The Battle of the Barbie's

1) 'The Human Barbie' a.k.a. Valeria Lukyanova

Photo Source: V Magazine

Valeria Lukyanovahas is the girl nicknamed as 'The Human Barbie' and 'Real-Life Barbie Doll' by the media and lives her life as Barbie. As part of her measures in becoming a real-life doll she has spoken openly about dabbling with breatharianism which involves training herself to live off light and air.

In an interview she spoke about being Barbie:

How do you feel that people call you a “real-life Barbie”?

'Look, to me the Barbie doll looks perfect; it was created as a human idol. When I adopted her image, it felt very positive, at first—I constantly heard compliments from everybody around me. But then I got a lot of insulting comments questioning my intellect. That was painful and bad for my reputation, since I’m a spiritual teacher for many people. ' - Daily Beast

2) 'The Human Doll' a.k.a. Alina Kovalevskaya

Photo Source: Alina

Another human doll comes from Odessa and is called Alina Kovalevskaya.

"From adolescence, I loved to change my image. It started when I was 13-years-old. Since then I love to try something new. Now I have the image of a Barbie doll. I consider big eyes, small noses and small plump lips as beautiful." -Huffington post

3) The Human Ken Doll a.k.a. Justin Jedlica

Photo Source: Justin Jedlica

Justin Jedlica has had around 149 plastic surgery procedures, costing around $170,000, to achieve this look which has helped his confidence blossom.

“For me, it's an art form. It's a way to be creative and to work with a doctor to try to create something. I look at my body as sculpture … I don't want to look like everybody else.”

Dubbed 'The Human Ken' he spoke to The Daily Beast about this title he has been given and somewhat adopted:

I don’t even know if I look like a Ken Doll, but if other people want to say I do, it’s flattering. As a kid, you play with Ken dolls and kind of assume that is what a handsome guy is supposed to look like.

Justin wants to help others who are thinking of surgery and has started a plastic surgery consulting business. He wants to help those curious about surgery feel good about themselves and to choose the best surgeons.

4) Mermaid a.k.a. Hannah Fraser

Photo Source: Hannah Mermaid

Dreaming the impossible and becoming something does not have to involve surgery. Hannah Mermaid is a professional underwater mermaid whose journey began by being obsessed by the mermaid myth since she was a tiny child. Through her work as a mermaid she has built up a profile educating others as an Ocean Activist. Using yoga, deep breathing and breath hold practice she is able to hold her breath for two minutes under water. If you are inspired by Hannah and want to be a mermaid she has some advice:

Being a professional mermaid is a SELF CREATED job. There are no schools you can go to, or agents that will find you specific mermaid work. You have to be self motivated and creative in your approach to making it happen! Create or buy a tail. Practice with it in the ocean/pool until you are very comfortable and can do a range of movements and can hold your breath for at least 40 seconds. Search for underwater photographers or film makers in your area.

5) Jessica Rabbit a.k.a. Kelly Lee Dekay

Photo Source: Kelly Lee Dekay

Kelly has been fascinated with Jessica Rabbit since she was a child and as the obsession with becoming the impossible grew she started waist training at the age of 20. She now wears a minuscule 16 inch corset and the obsession with having a tiny waist has now become a reality for her.

Speaking with the Mirror, Kelly explained her inspiration for her look:

"I've always loved how certain pieces of garments gave you permission to let out certain parts of you. So I think that's what tight lacing does for me. I wanted to become my own super hero villain. I think it's interesting how fabric and thread can just easily manipulate the body to do such an extreme silhouette.''

6) Jessica Rabbit a.k.a. Yaya Han

Photo Source: Yaya Han

Yaya looks fab as Jessica Rabbit, she is a self-taught costume designer, model and cosplay entertainer.

Speaking about her cosplaying in an interview Yaya had this to say:

Cosplay is an art form. A unique blend between fan expression and creativity. Many cosplayers create jaw-dropping, professional looking costumes and photos as pure hobbyists. It’s the passion and love for the character that drives them. I would like to see more understanding and appreciation for that.

7) Superman a.k.a. Herbert Chavez

Photo Source: Telegraph

Is that Superman? Nope, it is Herbert Chavez. This absolute super-fan has taken his obsession to a new level by having surgery to resemble his hero. Herbert started his transformation at the age of 21 when he decided to have his first procedure. His home is also full of Superman memorabilia and he continues collecting it.

“I’ve loved Superman since I was 3-years-old. It all started with the Super Friends cartoons. I watched them every Saturday morning. And the person who played Superman that I admire the most is Christopher Reeve in Superman II.” -interview with Dailybeast

8) Michael Jackson a.k.a. Mikki Jay

Photo Source: Mikki Jay

Here we have Mikki Jay, a Michael Jackson impersonator and artist. Mikki's journey into portraying Michael began in 1992, she has performed all over the world even for royalty and has made appearances on television, too.

Take a look at her performing here:

9) Anime Character a.k.a. Anastasiya Shpagina

Photo Source: Anastasiya Shpagina

Hailing from the same place as 'The Human Barbie' and 'The Human Doll' here we have Anastasiya Shpaginna, the girl who has mastered the art of transforming herself into an Anime character through makeup. She is also friends with The Human Barbie check them out here:

"I'm not like a doll, a doll is like me," says Shpagina

10) An elf a.k.a. Melynda Moon

Photo Source: Modelmayhem

Melynda Moon, a model from Canada is convinced that she was a fairy in her past life. Melynda decided to have surgery on her ears to create a more elvish look for herself. The procedure to modify her ears took two hours and after two weeks her elvish ears were complete.

“I have always had fantasies about what it would be like to be something other than human, so I decided to change my appearance to look supernatural.
“Pointed ears are the most adorable thing, and I find the elven attire so elegant. My inspiration comes from The Lord of the Rings: the long hair, dresses and the closeness to nature. When I found I could have my ears pointed I have never been so sure of something my entire life.”” says Moon.

11) Any Celebrity a.k.a. Kandee Johnson

Makeup Artist Kandee Johnson uses makeup to transform herself into a whole array of celebrities. Her inspiring videos are on YouTube and if you wish you too can learn to transform yourself from Barbie to Angelina Jolie to Megan Fox and so many more! I really do love her tutorials and her approach to teaching makeup to others.

For advice take a look at Kandee's website:

Take a look at Kandee's website for advice:

Q: Do you think going to school for makeup artistry is important to excel in the business later on?
Yes, for the basics…you need to have a strong foundation to build a career on. If you know the basics, you will soar to the top with your artistic and creative eye. If you are an artist, you can create anything. Many times I’ve been on a shoot thinking, “how am I gonna do this?”, and then I tell myself, “You’re an artist, think of it as sculpting, contouring, shading, painting”.

So there we have it, a collection of those who have achieved what others may say is the impossible.


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