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(The Mister Rogers Theme begins playing as Steve Rogers: In his Captain America gear enters his Apartment in Brooklyn Heights, N.Y.)

Steve Rogers "It's a wonderful day in the- Oh Hi Boys and Girls!"

Studio Audience of young children- "Hi Mister Rogers!"

Steve Rogers- "uhm...That's 'Captain' Rogers kids... These bars on my shoulders aren't for decoration..."

Children, correcting themselves- "Hi Captain Rogers..."

Steve Rogers- "That's Better!.. Kids, Today we're going to talk about how to be safe in a rough neighborhood. As you can see, The neighborhood I live in here- Which is Brooklyn Heights, is actually a pretty good neighborhood..." (pulls up image on the flat screen TV behind him.)

Children in unison- "Very Nice Captain..."

Steve (muttering to himself) "Don't even get me started on the rent here..."

(Speaking aloud to the Children) "Now then!.. Let's talk about a 'not-so-safe' neighborhood, like... let's say Bedford-Stuyvesant..."

(Scared gasps from the children of the studio audience)

Steve- "That's right kids... That is one scary looking neighborhood."

(young child in the studio audience) "I want my mommy..."

Steve Rogers- (turning to the picture on the TV behind him) "Sorry... let's just turn that off shall we? So... as I was saying, What's the most important thing you need in a dangerous neighborhood like this?"

Child #4- "A Machine Gun?"

Steve- "Uhm... No. A fully automatic weapon like a machine gun isn't legal to carry on the street..."

Child #5- "Oh I know!... Your Shield"

Steve Rogers- (smiling) "No... that would be a good choice, but this is the only Shield like this around..."

Child #6- "I want a Shield... Can we all get Shields?"

(All the children cheering now)

Steve Rogers- "Children, settle down... Maybe we'll go and talk to Mister Stark about Shields for all of you."

Child#7- "I want Iron Man Armor!"

Child#8- "Yeah! me Too! (aiming his arm) "Tank Missile!"

(Other children laughing and making explosive sounds.)

Steve Rogers- (Shaking his head and muttering to himself) "I should have stayed in the Ice..." (Speaking aloud to the Children) "OK, everyone...settle down."

(Little Girl interrupts) "Mister-Captain-Rogers...Can I ask you a Question?"

Steve Rogers- "Why sure, What is it sweetheart?"

Little Girl- "My Mom wants to know if you have a girlfriend..."

Steve Rogers- (Nervously clearing his throat) Uhm... no, not right now.

Little Girl- "Well, my Mommy said that she wants to be your Girlfriend..."

(Children laughing)

Steve Rogers (blushing) "Well... that's very sweet. Hey, wait-a-minute...Isn't your Mother married?"

Little Girl- "No... She's Divorced. She said my Dad's a deadbeat and she's looking for a REAL MAN..."

(Children Howling)

Steve Rogers- (laughing and shaking his head) "OK...okay kids... let's settle down." (making a phone gesture to the little girl and mouthing the words "Tell her to call me..." He then looks off camera to the Director- who is gesturing for him to wrap things up.)

Steve Rogers- "Ok, kids... it looks like we're out of time. Tune in next week, when we discuss Elevator Safety..."


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