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Hello Moviepilot Readers!

Captainess Spoiler is back, bringing you some Useless Spoilers for Insidious 3! This time around, with a mini review!

Insidious 3 Synopsis

Directed by Leigh Whannell, the film is a prequel of the first film, set before the haunting of the Lambert family. The film reveals how Elise Reiner, who is a gifted psychic unwillingly uses her special ability to contact the dead in order to help a girl who has been targeted by a mysterious being.

When The Movie Starts..

I must confess, I would not watch horror movies on my own. I just stopped eating the caramel popcorn and drinking the H-TWO-O I am sharing with my baby sister; in concern that I would bit myself by accident or spilling the drink. Totally did not know what to expect throughout the movie BUT the acting and sound effects are just so absorbing!

Thankfully, the whole thing is bearable. There are hilarious moments in Insidious 3 which has lightened up the movie as well as touching words said by the characters which could even make the manliest of the manliest weep.

So, Just How Scary Is Insidious 3?

I would say that the intensity of the scariness vary among individuals. What is scary to you might not be scary to me but honestly, Insidious 3 is a pretty great summer horror movie! Out of 10 stars, I would rate it 7!

For those who are afraid of supernaturals, you might find this scary. As for me, I won't have trouble sleeping tonight but so sorry to the dear theatre operator; we didn't mean to spill the tasty caramel popcorn... It just happened. :(

Here are the 13 Useless Spoilers for Insidious 3!

  • There is an angel in the garden.
  • Quinoa, is in the fridge.
  • Jukebox, one.
  • Lesbians, two.
  • Balloons, many.
  • Eat, sandwiches.
  • Pumpkin, drawing.
  • Spectral, sighting.
  • Nose, bleed.
  • Lanterns, everywhere.
  • Warning, stand ten feet back.
  • Run, across the road.
  • Disappear, any time.

Have You Seen the Movie?


Have you seen the movie?

If You Haven't, Prepare to Have a Good Time!

The chances are, you will find yourself, your loved ones and/or even other moviegoers in the hall being overwhelmed by the movie scenes... It's a screaming, laughing or weeping fest!

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