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This is my very first every posting anything at all im not very good at writing either so bare me i felt the need to share i felt about all of the recent media and everything i see wrong with movies in mcu and dcu i understand just like everyone else how its hard to transfer character from page to screen but what alot of Hollywood should be doing is fan service i know they will get buts in the seat regardless but thing about it i doubt we will ever see great characters on film like red hood, starfire, alan scoot, ext i feel like if they made movies today with the characters we want to see it would be awesome yea we all love batman but have of makes him awesome to me in the comics is his strong network of characters related to him besides just jim gordon or all the characters we've all seen a dozen times on film give us something new pretty sure we deserve it think about how many times we've seen a green goblin in some shape or form in spider-man give us carnage something like that easter eggs are awesome but god damn i would love a little more from these movies age of ultron was awesome but it felt a lil like a joke to me like they were just kinda make fun of them selves great movie kinda weird either way dont mess with us like at the end why not just let him say assemble.....really i know i sound like a winy person i know just my opinion


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