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Jay Dee

Ever have a memory stuck in your mind? When I was about 4 or 5 my mother took me to a cocktail party where I ended up being the only child there. (imagine A guy at the party pulled out a video tape he found through a friend. It was a horror film that was supposed to blow everyone's mind. My mother sat with me in the living room of this huge house with maybe 10 other people and watched the entire film.. With her hand over my eyes of course. I was chicken anyway though and five minutes into it, even if she'd moved her hands my eyes wouldn't have budged. However, I listened to the whole horrifying ordeal intensely. Sitting there that day with my mother's hands over my eyes was the first time I remember feeling my mind on fire. Everything inside me running wild with the blood curdling screams and "Oh's" and "Ah's" of all the adults around me. Pure adrenaline shooting straight through my heart.

I've never been able to find that film, sadly, it may only have ever been the movie that played that night in this terrified young boys mind.. Trust me, I've searched relentlessly. I learned something recently though that makes never finding it feel, .. ok

Searching gave me a journey, it also gave me 1,000 favorite films. Now I know, ..the greatest film I never saw gave me the love of every single one I've seen since.

I'd love for everyone to share some of their favorite horror movie memories with me below. Thanks, and I'll be back with more of my own horror movie memories soon.



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