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A stop-motion short film about a boar that discovers Cinema in the midst of a revolution. The look and feel is inspired in Cubism.
Revoltoso Short Film

After more than two years of shooting Revoltoso, we arrive at this point with tears of joy and exhaustion.

It’s a wrap! Finally we have finished shooting the film, and we could not be more excited for what’s coming next. All of our efforts are now focused on post-production, so each day we are getting closer to showing Revoltoso to the world.

This is, of course, thanks to our backers and the people who have helped us along the way. We owe you every single one of these joyful moments.

Homage to "Fábula" (El Greco - 1580) from Revoltoso
Homage to "Fábula" (El Greco - 1580) from Revoltoso

Finally, in order to show you some of the work that inspired the look and feel of our movie, we leave you this still of a shot, which is homage to the painting “Fábula” from the Renaissance artist, El Greco.

¡Gracias amigos, y hasta pronto!

Cinema Fantasma.


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