ByChad Ware, writer at

Avengers: Age of Ultron, the sequel to Marvel's The Avengers, is awesome! I don't even know where to begin. Hell with the spoilers!

OK so Robert Downey Jr. is awesome as Iron Man. People say that he's wearing a different suit but I don't notice I don't care about the suit just as long as it looks cool and its fighting. Scarlett Johansson is sneaky and hot as Black Widow, who people say was going to die but she don't. Mark Ruffalo was destructive as the Hulk. The huge Hulk v. Hulkbuster scene was awesome and chaotic. The relationship between Hulk and Black Widow is very confusing and yes they do share a kiss but at the end. At the end, Hulk goes down with the Avengers jet, presumably dead but Black Widow is told that he could have survived. Chris Evans is amazing as Captain America. He is amazing and the friendship between Cap and Iron Man is pretty dull. Chris Hemsworth was electrifying as Thor. It gave us a sneak peek of the Infinity War in a vision that Thor has, which he investigates. James Spader was funny and evil as Ultron and Paul Bettany was upgraded from JARVIS to Vision. It was shocking how Vision was able to pick up Thor's hammer and there reaction was hilarious. Elizabeth Olsen and Aaron Taylor-Johnson are the new Avengers Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. To bad Quicksilver didn't make it to the end. That's right. Quicksilver sacrifices himself for Jeremy Renner as Hawkeye, who was amazing, who everyone thought was going to die but didn't, and who surprisingly has a family (a wife and two kids). By the end of the movie the Avengers are split, with Cap and Black Widow accepting Scarlet Witch, Vision, Don Cheadle (War Machine), and Anthony Mackie (Falcon) while Hawkeye and Iron Man leave.

So I say totally go see this movie!


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