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3 NEW songs have been announced for Beauty and the Beast! 'Days in the Sun' sounds BEAUTIFUL! BUT what about the music from the original Disney cartoon? At least 'Be our Guest'?

Famed Disney composer and Academy Award winner Alan Menken may be knee deep working on the music for the upcoming Beauty and The Beast live-action adaptation starring Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, but he still had time to throw us salivating fans a bone! Alan recently participated in the NYC Lincoln Center's Artist to Artist in NYC, and revealed that three NEW songs will be added to the live-action film, NONE of which are from the Broadway musical production, but are instead original material written for the film by him and working partner Tim Rice!

Wait, but what about the original songs from the film? DON'T WORRY! Alan also confirmed that along with those 3 songs are the songs we love and know from the original Disney cartoon!

"It’s the songs from the movie, we did not fit in any songs [from the Broadway show],” confirmed Menken. “The song I would have fit in from the Broadway show is ‘If I Can’t Love Her,’ but the Beast’s moment in the film is a much later moment, it would not be ‘if I can’t love her,’ it’s ‘I love her but -damn it- I’m letting her go.’ That lyric wouldn’t really work with that music. So we wrote another song called ‘Forever More,’ like ‘I now know what love is.’ There’s another song called ‘Days in the Sun’ which is a lullaby as all the objects and characters living in the castle are going to sleep they’re all singing about remembering before the spell. I think it’s gonna be a wonderful movie.” via ComingSoon

SO we have 2 of the 3 new song names! 'Forever More' which will be sung by the Beast, and 'Days in the Sun' which will be the characters in the castle as they fall asleep! We can dig it!

Best news yet though?

We still get Belle taking us on a walk through her poor provincial life .....

Cogsworth and Lumiere will still welcome us to be their guest...

Mrs. Pott's will still serenade us with the most EPIC love song of the '90s...

as the Beauty and the Beast fall in love....

And Lefou will still show Gaston he's the handsomest guy in town, helping to rid Gatson's already non-existent humility...

With our timeless favorites in tow, and SPOT ON CASTING for every role, we cannot WAIT for this film, except that we have to. The cast is currently filming in Europe and the film is slated for a March 2017 release date!

TWO YEARS?!?! Moviepilot sing-along in the meantime anyone ?


Which song are you most excited to see in live-action from Beauty and the Beast?


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