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Summertime, the living is easy, as they say. But it's also an under-the-radar time for some really awesome new TV shows, of which there are many promising ones this particular year. The prototypical set-up in the TV industry of "Pilot Season" and certain times of the year that are most popular for TV is starting to fade.

Quality content is in high demand, and networks are working hard to make sure they have the best shows they can get, even in the Summer - often thought of as an off-season for TV. The fact is, a lot of these shows haven't had all that much hype, but based on what we've seen, here are the literal 11 hottest shows (in no particular order) hitting the small-screen this Summer!

1. Fear The Walking Dead (AMC)

This show is crazy hot right now. Piggybacking off of the obvious success of The Walking Dead, this will probably be the biggest ratings hit of the Summer. Apparently, it won't take place in the woods at all and will be a standalone project set in LA. I can't wait.

2. Ballers (HBO)

HBO doesn't mess up very often, and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is on fire right now. He's the man, but can he carry an entire series week in and week out? High thermometer rating for this show, just based on this being HBO, The Rock's fame, and the fact that this could be the next Entourage.

3. Wayward Pines (FOX)

I think this has a strong possibility of being a hit. I just wish I could see this on an AMC or an HBO that could do a little bit more. I hope it isn't too family friendly and that it manages to be just as creepy as I hope. Medium heat for this one.

4. The Whispers (ABC)

I hope this isn't another one of those wannabe Lost shows that ABC has been churning out as of late. Under the Dome and Revolution both looked promising at first, but ended up being not-so-great. It's just so difficult for ABC to be as mind-bending as, even a Netflix or premium cable channel. I am still holding out hope that this could surprise me, though.

5. UnREAL (Lifetime)

This looks good to me. I think people might knock it because it's coming on Lifetime, but that doesn't mean a damn thing. This hasn't been done yet. A really accurate portrayal of "reality TV" in a scripted drama. Reasonably hot temp for this one.

6. Sense8 (Netflix)

Yes! Netflix, I've been waiting for you to come with something new and awesome for me to binge watch, and this is it. Netflix hasn't nailed a show in this genre yet, in my opinion. The Wachowskis being on board for this is the reason this is an 80 degree-er but we'll see if they can deliver.

7. The Astronaut Wives Club (ABC)

This one probably isn't for me, but I could see other people hopping on board this train. I just don't know. It seems like they're banking on the nostalgic factor and the fact that it's a period piece. We'll see. Pretty cold temp here.

8. The Brink (HBO)

Star-power and HBO will make this a success, hopefully. It's very hot right now, but we'll see if it delivers. It's a topical comedy with action and elements of political commentary that I think will be a fun watch.

9. Humans (AMC)

AMC has been crushing it lately. Can they keep the ball rolling with another hit this Summer alongside Fear the Walking Dead? I think Humans could very easily be it.

10. Scream (MTV)

This is a great franchise and I think MTV can finally get the series they've been desperately searching for that isn't of the reality genre. I think this is an 80 degree-er based on the potential here, but I'm just hoping it isn't as corny as it very easily could be.

11. Wet Hot American Summer: First Day Of Camp (Netflix)

This could be truly hilarious or really be something that nobody asked for. I hope it's the former. It's only at a 55 degree thermometer reading simply due to the fact that it hasn't had much hype yet. I hope it doesn't get lost in the Netflix New Releases page and actually gains some traction. This cast sounds awesome and satire in comedy is huge right now.


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