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After the Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer was released in April one could see two questions pop up frequently. “Why did the Batwing just kill a bunch of guys?” and “what’s that weapon that Batman is holding?”. We’ll have to wait to see why the Batwing kills a bunch of people, but a new rumor may have the other answer for us.

The spear in Batman's hand.
The spear in Batman's hand.

According to Heroic Hollywood, the mystery weapon (at 1:21 in the trailer linked below) that Batman is holding in the teaser trailer (pictured above) is a “Kryptonite laced spear”. Here’s Batman with a smaller version from the video game Injustice: Gods Among Us (pictured below).

Some fans thought the weapon may be the rifle that we see Batman with later on in the trailer, and I even thought it looked like a sledgehammer, but a Kryptonite laced spear certainly makes more sense. But can we ever be so sure?


You can check out the teaser trailer of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice below.


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