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The Dark Knight Rises ended on a very final note. The tone of that last scene was a complete ending. Bruce had escaped the confines of the Batman persona, and had begun a new life with Selina Kyle in France. Personally I was a little surprised that Alfred was able to just nod at him, even though he had said it was all he would need. I would get up and scream at him for allowing me to think that he was dead AGAIN! I, Alfred, who raised the guy, and sat at home countless times waiting for him. Anyway, I'm getting off the point. What if, after that very final note, we had been caught out by a post credits scene? What if it went something like this?

The scene opens to Commisioner Gordon sitting in his office. Crime rates in the city have gone down, and an officer comes in and tells the commisioner that they picked up the guy with the black mask. The commisioner nods curtly to the officer, who leaves. The commisioner turns to look out at the night sky, when the building explodes. Across the city, Robin, who is out on patrol, sees the explosion and runs to it. When he arrives, he finds burned pieces of paper littered all over the ground. He lifts one and looks closely at it, but all that he can see is a slightly singed question mark. A car has been left abandoned on the street below, and through the radio which still blares out Robin hears a deep voice say:

"Here's one for you. When I’m metal or wood, I help you get home. When I’m flesh and I’m blood, In the darkness I roam. What am I?"

The screen goes black and leaves only the bat symbol on it.


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