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If you don't know, Showtime's Penny Dreadful is a standout smash. Each week we're graced with amazing characters and stories, wrapped in a Victorian Gothic bow.

Our not-so-the-heroes team do their best to stop the dark evil forces from ruining the world. And while it's neat to see classic characters at play, I wonder, how cool would be if Penny Dreadful was set in the 21st century? Better yet, if these characters were the main cast.

Nancy from The Craft

The Craft is a fan favorite!
The Craft is a fan favorite!

Nancy, like Vanessa Ives, could be trying to deal with her inner demons. A story about her 'return' could be interesting watch, especially if she goes dark.

Ash from The Evil Dead

Ash Williams!
Ash Williams!

I know that Ash is back in his own series on Starz, but it would be so cool if he was a part of the 21st century version of Penny Dreadful. I guess it would be... Groovy!

Dexter from Dexter

The Killer with a Heart of Gold would be an interesting addition to the team. Dexter's slick wit and 'killer' instinct may serve the team very well... Or get someone murdered.

William Bludworth from the Final Destination films

William is a mysterious man who knows a lot about death and mystic forces. As a member of this group, William's ability to sense death and darkness could be key to the team's success and survival.

Spike from Buffy The Vampire Slayer

Of course we need a 'monster' on the team, so I think Spike would be a great choice. With his 'No F**ks To Give' attitude and charm, Spike could round off this group quite nicely.


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