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An historical SciFi author who sees comic heroes as the modern myths and integrates them into his stories.
Flint Johnson

With all the Comic movies coming out, I thought now would be a great time to introduce my favorite comic characters. I'll admit I am not familiar with them all, and I don't have much of a taste for anything outside of heroes and villains, but with any luck you'll get something out of my list:

44. The Thing: There isn’t much to the Thing; he’s basically a bunch of rocks. That makes him strong and heavy. Boring, right? It’s his personality that makes him so interesting, though. He doesn’t even look vaguely human any more, but he is in some ways the most human and the most connectable member of the Fantastic Four. He’s also the one you respect the most. While the other members of the team can have normal lives, he can’t. But he recognizes how important he is. In the movie he has the chance to be human again, but chooses to stay a monster in order to help the others.

45. The Leader: Now this is an original in the comics, a mutant whose brain is the only thing effected. He’s disappointing though. I’ve elsewhere guessed his intelligence at 238. That’s well over twice that of your average human, and yet all he can think to do is the same kind of things everyone fantasizes about – money and power. Dude, go to Tibet, meditate on your navel for a bit. If you need money do some investing or create an online company. If you want power start convincing people of how smart you are. If you want to challenge yourself play a game of Sherlock/Moriarty.

46. Ant-Man: DC has a character like this, that can shrink to a tiny size. Ant-Man, though, isn’t just that. In the Marvel movies we are dealing with a second-generation hero who is a former thief. Trying to reform, he takes on the role of Ant-Man to make up for his past. And to make things really interesting, the former Ant-Man is his mentor.

47. Parallax: Fear given a physical form, I can’t imagine a cooler bad guy. Parallax is yellow and grows stronger the more he ingests. That makes him the perfect enemy for a guy like the Green Lantern, whose power is based on his will and creativity.

48. Galactus: This guy survived the end of the last universe! He eats entire planets for their life energy and has a cadre running around the universe searching for life. It’s too bad this guy doesn’t show up more and his character isn’t ever really explored, nor is his technology is ever explained. He might be the best character in the Marvel Universe if it was.

49. Beast-Boy: He can change into any animal he can imagine, only everything is always green. Doesn’t matter how big or small, how realistic or mythological it might be, Beast-Boy can imitate it. Now that power would make for an interesting character regardless, but his personality makes him fun. Beast-Boy is a kid, with a pre-adolescent sense of humor and absolutely no self-confidence.

50. Aquaman: A native of Atlantis, his muscles are extra dense because he lives so deep in the sea. His subspecies can communicate with the sea animals, and of course because Atlanteans have been watching us for centuries and have made their own ecological advances, he has superior technology too. I know it sounds a little hokey for us adults, but it was a pretty great idea for a kid.


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