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The second film in the Omen series is often overlooked and pure genius. The brilliance is subtle, and oddly relatable, if you consider the time when you were going though that “special change”. Was puberty a snap for you? No awkward or confusing times? Glad to hear it, but that probably wouldn’t have been the case if you found out you were the Antichrist. Also, Thorne Industries is pretty much Monsanto. I will explain.

The Reader’s Digest Version

After his parents are killed off in the first film, we find Damien now being raised by his wealthy aunt and uncle. Damien and his cousin Mark are best buds that act like completely normal kids. The make fun of authority, try to bum cigarettes off the help and love a little physical activity. Everything appears perfectly normal until Damien figures out that he is the anti-Christ. Soon others start figuring it out and people start dropping like flies around him. Oh, and Thorne Industries starts making GMOs!

Sorry to say. You’re the Antichrist! Get used to the idea.

You try to keep up with your studies, extra-curricular activities and social life but something is distracting you. Is it ADHD or ADD? Nope.

At military school, Damien’s creepy platoon leader, Sargent Daniel Neff, tells him to read the Bible’s book of revelations. He reads and then has a huge revelation of his own. He comes to the understanding that he is the Antichrist, after finding poof on his scalp…the number of the beast! It appears as though he is going to have a full-on nervous breakdown. Instead, he works it out during a run. Thank Satan for magic of running! You could be having the worst day EVER and even find out that you are “the desolate one” but log-in a few miles and you will be good to go. The point is though that this we feel BAD for Damien. It sucks that he has this cross to bear. When was the last time you felt bad for the devil? Genius.


OK, so Monsanto was one of the first companies to apply the biotechnology industry business model to agriculture, using techniques developed by Genentech and other biotech drug companies in the late 1970s in California. Funny, because in this 1978 movie, this super sleezeball guy, Paul Buher at Thorne Industries is developing new strains of high yield disease resistant grain crops. He is the guy that says stuff like, “Our profitable future lies in famine.” What a dick. People are uncomfortable with the idea but those that voice their options meeting interesting yet terrifying ends. I think that this is pretty much how it all went down in real life at Monsanto. First poor Bill Atherton and then the bees. If you buy Fritos you are giving the devil your money. Just remember that next time you want a crunchy snack.

Friendly Advice: The Anti-Christ and You…Stay Cool!

Do you think that someone you know might be the Antichrist? You’re better off living in a fool’s paradise. Just stay cool and never ask questions. Thinking about adopting a child? Just be sure to get bloodwork done before you sign any paperwork. Raising a baby born of a jackal isn’t as much fun as it sounds.


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