ByAndrew Shecktor, writer at

I was through Centralia, PA in the 1960's, did some work there in the 1980's and returned in 2013 with my grown son and daughter to view the town as it now is. There still are some interesting things to see - the never used and now abandoned amusement park, the borough hall with the fire engines still in the bays, and a number of other remaining icons of the town. You have to go by an old map to locate these. There are also plenty of now abandoned streets to travel. The old route 61 is now a graffiti montage that tells many a story, and the visitors alone are worth the trip. Everyone goes for one reason or another, and seems to be living in their own reality. I was inspired to write a novel based on our trip, which has sold quite well (Centralia PA, Devils Fire) and is way more based on the town than Silent Hill. I also have some pictures on my website, There are a few good historical books out as well, but surprisingly not too many. All the local mining museums stock a full assortment of books on Centralia, and on, the Pioneer Tunnel Coal mine, is just 3 miles from Centralia. The free entrance, free parking amusement park, Knoebles Grove, is only a few miles to the north. Thus, Centralia is a great place to visit, even if you tire of the endless abandoned roads!


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