ByBrad Dee, writer at

As Geoff Johns has shown in his tenure in DC, he knows how to begin a epic of cosmic proportions in a way that wets the audiences appetite. He also knows how to bring about a large magnitude of characters into a showing yet still have ways to bring about the core characters in a way that doesn't slide away from other characters. The epic, which is not a culmination of only a small storyline does just that, as Johns again brings the characters of the Justice League into a battle with two gods that they stand no chance of winning. It is also a continuation of the stories that he has brought is since "Forever Evil" in 2013.

Often when we read the first part of a big story, there's a lot of set up and the action is often light. That isn't the case here. Geoff Johns has been moving this series towards Darkseid War since the first issue. While we are introduced to some new players, there is plenty of story, character building, and action to keep us glued. We are introduced rather easily to all the key characters that will be part of this epic, such as Mister Miracle, who makes his first appearance in the New 52(not counting the Earth 2 books that he has already appeared in). The stage is set for an epic confrontation between two gods that encompass the entire history of the DC universe. We also get to see what characters seem instramental to this epic as they are the first that are targeted by Darkseids forces. The art by Jason Fabok is fierce as he is forced to draw a number of characters in one panel again and again with such tenacity. Plus, Johns again has found a way to bring about some closure to his other stories that have been running in the book for the past year(who wants to kill Luthor being the main one). The action bouncing around between three different fights left me breathless and hoping for more. As we have seen in recent years in DC, the cosmic battles have always been integral to the overall stories. They also have the grandest scope and this one is no different. We were told that this story would have huge consequences to the world of the DC universe. If this issue is any indication, I can see that happening. I ask that any fan of DC give this issue(and issue 40) a read. You won't be disappointed. I give this book a 9 out of 10.


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