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Thus far, in the world of Secret wars we have had three issues that have shown us what the future of the Marvel universe holds. In the first issue, we were shown the end of both the 616 and the Ultimate universe. In the 2nd issue, we were shown the remnants of all the universes and what the new world of Battleworld looks like. We were also introduced to God Doom and his men that work under him. Now, we are in the third issue and again Hickman shocks us by showing us more of the inner workings of Doom and his frame of mind as the sole creator of the new Marvel Universe. How does he see himself as a God was that main question that was posed this issue?

Hickman has done an incredible job of keeping us glued to our seats by this epic. He is slowly placing all the pieces on the board knowing that by the end, a huge confrontation is due to happen. But, the thing that draws out the most is that in this battle, who truly is the good guys? Is it the heroes that we know from the 616 universe who wants to take down God Doom because of who he was in the past? Or is it the Cabal who knows what evil truly is and wants to make the Maker(aka Reed Richards from the Ultimate universe) the new ruler of Battleworld? Or is it Doom himself, who knows that he has ruled and finally gotten the satisfaction of having people look up to him, but is that truly what he wants? Overall, Secret Wars is moving along at a perfect pace. The main story has remained excellently self-contained and is bringing a fantastic story about the nature of gods and men working against the backdrop of the Marvel universe. There are some more key elements introduced in this issue ensuring that this excellent pace and intrigue is sure to continue through halfway point of the series. In addition, the notion that Hickman has found a way to make this story as self-contained as possible is epic. We do find out that some of the tie-ins do have some small relevance to the actual epic, but if we choose not to read any of them, we still get the main storyline that is taking place(something Marvel has failed at in recent epic events). By the end of this issue, we see a stage set for what is to come in the mid-point of the series. Very little action takes place in this issue, but it truly wasn't needed at all. The wording was more then enough and the suspense was shown by the drama that is unfolding. Plus, this issue gave us the solution to a mystery that is literally 75 years in the making.....the face of Doom. If the old Marvel universe is truly at an end, this is an excellent series to herald in the new one. I give this book a 9 out of 10.


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