ByBrad Dee, writer at

In recent months, we have seen as Hal Jordan has gone from being the most respected Green Lantern to being one of the most hated in the universe. We have seen as the Green Lantern Corps has gone from being admired to being feared. Now, we have seen as Hal Jordan has taken it upon himself to bring respect back to the Corps by making himself look like the badguy. He has removed the ring and his oath and taken the Gauntlet of Krona to make himself a renegade to the Corps and public enemy number one in the universe. This is the world of the new Hal Jordan, who is now a renegade to the universe.

But, being a renegade will not change the way that Jordan does things. He still sees the rights and wrongs of the universe, and being a "Han Solo" outlaw won't change that. This first issue of the event shows us his mindframe and also brings us some new supporting characters that will be involved in the story in months to come. But, the pacing is very slow for a first issue and might deter some fans of the series. Billy Tan creates a visually engaging science fiction adventure canvas which helps being Robert Venditti's script to life. The issue also introduces us to the character of Darlene, who is rescued by Jordan in the issue and is seen as his "Princess Leia" in this universe. The downside of the issue is also the cliffhanger, which had potential but honestly hits with a dud and only serves as a reminder that we need to pick up some other comics to get the whole storyline. Hal himself has been put through the wringer in the past few years. He has gone from being a hero to being a villain to being an un-dead God and being killed (twice).This is just another version of Hal to compliment all the other ones we have seen. It's a decent first part of the storyline and makes us want to come back and see where it's going from here, but, it still could be alot better. I give this issue 7 out of 10 stars.


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