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The Legacy

The legendary rock band KISS have branded themselves all the way to the top of international pop culture! Their face-paint designs and logo are recognized in almost every nation around the world! Their accomplishments will go down in history! Their current net worth is over $300 million and counting! KISS owns many record-breaking titles, including the most gold albums ever sold by an American rock band (28)! As well, they have sold over 100 Million albums worldwide; 40 million which were sold in the US alone! They are well-known for their comic-book style characters and their live stage performances, which take you on a journey full of fire, fireworks, and lights! On numerous occasions they have had the most sold-out tour of the year. So yes, KISS does have a huge fan-base including generations all the way from the 70's to current generations! They are still continuing to tour to this very date; performing over 40 years!

KISS: Branding The Band

KISS has put their brand name on almost everything you can think of; from Hello Kitty merchandise to KISS Kondoms to KISS Koffins! You name it, and they've got it! To top it all off, they even have their own Marvel Comic book issue! The comic debuted in 1977. Marvel Comics Super Special was a 41-issue series which began with the first issue featuring KISS. The issue featured the four members of the band fighting super-villains, Mephisto and Doctor Doom.

Marvel Comic Debut

The coolest part about KISS' Marvel debut? The band had drawn out their own blood and it was put into the ink which was later printed into the comic books! The heroes themselves were an actual part of the comic book! Their DNA was embedded into the very pages that was read by all of their fans!

KISS putting their blood into the comic's ink
KISS putting their blood into the comic's ink

Movies starring KISS

Now, this isn't something that has been really talked about; but it should be. KISS' characters have made the big screen on many occasions, including their self-produced movies, KISS: Meets Phantom of the Park and Detroit Rock City.

The debut of KISS: Meets Phantom of the Park was anticipated by kids all across america on October 28, 1978. If you weren't watching the debut on NBC's "Movies of the Week" that night, you were part of a minority. The set included an amusement park that KISS protected against an evil scientist with their magical powers and abilities. The movie's budget was $3 million.

As well, KISS self-produced Detroit Rock City in 1999. It has been a staple in KISS history, despite being a box office bomb; only making $4.2 million dollars in the box office after an estimated $34 million budget. But, part of the reasoning may be that KISS themselves only made an appearance for less than 5 minutes. The plot included 4 teenage boys who went against their parents and embarked on a road trip full of tragedy just to witness their first KISS concert.

Marvel With KISS

The band's famous and popular identity along with Marvel's great success, both powerhouses could support a blockbuster hit! With four well-known, distinct characters fighting crime with their powers, the special effects of a Marvel-KISS partnership could be remarkable.

Marvel's last movie, Avengers: Age of Ultron sold $1.326 Billion in the box office! Completely crushing it's budget of $279.9 million! This just proves that Marvel is on top! The studio's next production will be Ant-Man, a superhero who is not as popular, but will still crush the box office because of it's production by Marvel! This just proves that Marvel can produce big numbers for almost any movie it produces!

With these thoughts in mind, imagine Marvel and KISS, some of the biggest powerhouses in the entertainment world, teaming up and creating an action-packed supernatural thriller! The possibilities would be endless! The costumes and characters are already developed! So is the fan base! All Marvel would have to do is create a story-line that would blow people's minds, put it into action, and create a movie trailer that would peak everyone's curiosity. If Marvel gave some background to these characters, the results would interest millions of KISS fans, Marvel fans, and everyone in between!

Are there any negatives? Well it could bomb in the box office! But will anything Marvel puts time and money into fail? Probably not. Would the millions of KISS Army members let the band down? Probably not. It's definitely something for both brands to look into. It's also a great time in the market because Marvel's Universe has been rapidly increasing. As well, KISS is still continuing to build a solid fan base and still continues to have the same fan base that has stuck with them since the early 1970's!

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