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When you hear '16 and pregnant' what comes to mind automatically? Degenerate? Scum? Doll-dosser? They only do it to get housed?

98% of the time, you're probably right.

BUT, I'm about to share my story and I know a lot of other young girls will relate to it and not be afraid to stand up to what they believe in.

Ok, Hi. My name is Clarice. I'm now 20 years of age and I fell pregnant with my daughter at 16. She wasn't planned but I love her more than anything.

When I was 15 years old, I was just finishing school and I'd passed all of my GCSE's. I had a desire and a passion for music and wanted to be either a music technician or a music producer, because not to toot my own horn but I was pretty damn good at it.

I studied music technology at a BTEC grade in school and studied music performance in college. Three months into college I met boy. He was the most perfect human being I'd ever set eyes on. We hooked up a few times and the last time we hooked up I fell pregnant. I didn't find out that I was pregnant until 5 months into it.

CLEARLY the boy wasnt in to me as I was to him but I never wanted to be pregnant at 16.

He was already seeing someone and to be honest I was his side chick who didnt have a clue that that is what I was at the time. Anyway, he really hated me. We went to the clinic together and the test came back negative. We were both relieved. After the clinic we exchanged a few harsh words then went our seperate ways. 4 months down the line I had every sign of pregnancy (fatigue, weight gain, heartburn, breast tenderness) except morning sickness and id also missed a few periods but I'd just come off the pill so I thought it was that.

I went through hell and back with this guy. He told me was gonna beat the baby out of me, to go hang myself, go have a bath with a toaster , called me every nasty name under the sun and told me that his girlfriend would always come first because he wasnt forced to love her.

My mum kicked me out of the house when my daughter was 2 weeks old and lucky my best friend came to the rescue. Her mum let us stay there and then I went to live with my boyfriend for 3 months. When that broke down I moved to a friends. The worst place imaginable but there was a roof over our heads at least for a few days. To the point where my daughter had to sleep on the floor on pillows because I hadn't a penny to my name. Stealing milk and nappies just to keep her belly full and her bum clean. Luckily that was only endured for 2 weeks until we were housed in supported housing. We lived there for 18 months and we are now living in a 2 bedroom house in suffolk and are so grateful for everything that everyone has done for us and for where we are now. Im so lucky to have gone through that when she was tiny and I dont think ill ever tell her about her first 6 months in the world.

Her dad sees her now, has been since she was 6 months(ish) even though his parents didnt even know she existed until she was 5 months. She loves her daddy and he loves her. Finally.

The truth about this being '16 and pregnant' is that we're not all having kids to get housed or claim benefits. Some of us don't have a family connection to palm our kids off to all of the time to go back to work or school. Some people have nothing.

Even if I had found out that I was pregnant earlier I never would have terminated it.

When you dont have any money except from the spare change of peoples pockets or the government's bottom-of-the-barrell change jar, and you can't keep your child warm, clean and safe, you feel like complete failure.

I know a lot of people will empathise with this. Please do share and comment so I and everyone else can see that theyre not alone!

Respect to all you single parents trying to get by out there! Good things will come ♡♡


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