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I remember being in a theater watching Man of Steel while wondering "what could the end credit scene be?" I thought that way because Marvel has done it since the beginning with Iron Man. Much to my dismay, the wait was worthless. There was nothing except a dark screen and a couple of people in the theater with me.

I saw this contest and started to ponder at what movie I should use for an end credit scene. My first thoughts were the Dark Knight, Batman V Superman, Spider-man 3, and last but certainly not least was Suicide Squad. It was fun thinking about these stories and what could have been at the end, but I looked at my movie collection and saw Man of Steel.

I thought, thought, and thought and finally said "what if DC had a plan for their cinematic universe during the making of Man of Steel?" I started having speculations and images in my head about what I thinking. After many thoughts, I finally came up with two scenes; a mid and post credit scene.

Anyways with that out of the way, I think we should get into what you wanted to read. Imagine you're in a seat in a theater, and the cast credits roll. A cue to a scene happens with a lady sitting at a desk on her phone. A man walks to her and asks "Miss I'm the 2 o clock appointment." She looks up with a bored face that of the sudden turns to amazement. While pushing a button, she says "Mr. Luthor ... a Mr. Wayne is here to see about a restoration program. A close to a smirk, and Luthor says "Send him in."

"Tragedy can lead on to better things."~Bruce Wayne
"Tragedy can lead on to better things."~Bruce Wayne

The rest of the credits continue to roll on up, and you see another scene set in space (I know it's kinda being a rip off of Avengers.) A space ship with a skull on the front appears. We cut to inside the ship seeing a green being (Brainiac) sitting down with his three, purple circles glows. He lets out a smile and says "So the son of Jor-El managed to stop the invasion of his race. It seems the taking of Earth will be harder than expected...

Thanks so much for reading everyone and check out more of my post if you liked what you read.


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