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I hope you all like the ending. I do plan to make another story, so please do not tell me the ending was rotten because I am planning on making another story. Thank you and enjoy!! :)

They both looked down for a good minute until Craig started looking through his phone. “I have the video from that day. It’s a good thing we have our chargers. They come in handy. Here it is:”

“Craig! They’re on the first floor! How the hell did they get past your traps!?! I thought you guys spent almost 2 days on that stuff?!”

“I – I don’t know, Brad! They must be smarter than us or something! Maybe they have a mole on the inside! Brad …? Why do you look shocked? Brad! What’s wrong?! Answer me!”

“There’s another person here.”


“There’s another person here! Some temp the command center hired a week before everything happened. She was outside checking on some equipment when she said she saw someone she knew. The person started running over to her but as he got closer, she saw his skin was light green. She took off for the door and he kept running towards her. She hit the panic button on her wrist communicator which alerted me that something was going on. I run down to see what was happening and I see her a couple of yards from me running and screaming, “Someone’s right behind me! Get the door ready to close when I get in!” She comes in and I slam the door behind her. The zomus was banging on the door and it was yelling something in whatever language it speaks. After 5 minutes, the zomus left. I checked to see if she was alright and she seemed to be. I told her to stay on the second floor for the time being and she was nursing her shoulder. I guess he must have nicked her in the shoulder or maybe she fell – I don’t know. All I know is she must be one of them by now and she can communicate with them. Maybe she sent out a distress call on a radio channel. Craig, don’t look at me like that! It isn’t my fault! I let her in because she was human and she needed help! You would have done the same damn thing!”

“You DID do the right thing but you should have ALSO checked her for any wounds, Brad!”

“Craig: Calm down! Brad: You did exactly the right thing the way that you did it! It’s fine. We have bigger problems on our hands now. We have to find a way out of here. Not to mention that we have to find a way to dodge them while trying to collect the sample. So, Brad, how do you propose we go about this?”

“I think that if we cover ourselves in some kind of suit, we should be able to protect our skin from being torn, spat on, bitten, and anything else they can do to us. We have 2 suits that will do the job and the third one is only about halfway done. It can still be torn. The question is: Who will get the unfinished suit?”

“What if we randomly mix the suits up and then pick a suit and hope for the best?”

“Okay. Good thinking, Joy! Brad; Get the suits, mix them up, and then we’ll grab one of the zomuses and we can hold it down while someone gets a sample of it.”

“We stopped recording and then started again when Brad came back with the suits.” said Craig.

“Here are the suits. Everyone take one and hurry up. I checked before I went to get the suits and they were on the second floor. They’re closing in so we gotta get whatever plan we have in motion.”

“Thanks Brad. Let’s see if we can find a syringe around here so we can put the sample into a tube and put it into the tracker.”

“I found one.”

“Good job, Joy. Now we just need a zomus to get the sample from.”

“Brad, I wish you didn’t say that!”

“Why, Craig?”

“Well, looking at the camera for the fourth floor, the floor that we happen to be on, there is a zomus about to knock on our door!!”

“This is perfect!”

“How is this perfect, Brad!?”

“Because, Joy, we can get the sample since it’s’ just one zomus. We can overpower it.”

“Oh, right! In that case, open the door and let in our sample, Brad. Joy, get the syringe ready, please. Remember, everyone: Be careful. We don’t know who has the suit that can tear easily.”

“Everybody ready? Once I open the door, there’s no going back.”



“Okay. One. Two. Three!”

“Brad, grab its legs! We need to hold it down long enough for Joy to get the sample!”

“I’m trying!! It’s difficult!! It’s trying to kick m – Ow! It kicked me in the eye! Ow! Damn it!! It got me in the other one!! Joy! Get the sample before I kick this zomuses’ ass!”

“Brad, you couldn’t kick anyone’s ass, let alone ANY zomuses’ ass. I got it! You can let it go now!”

“Okay! Brad, toss it against the wall! On the count of three! Got it?!”

“Got it! If I can see where the wall is!”

“One! Two! Three! Brad, what’s the next part of the plan?”

“Next part?”

“Yeah. Where do we go from here?”

“I thought you had a plan, Craig.”


“I’m kidding. Now that we have the sample, we have to get out of here through the secret exit … or entrance, depending on which way you –”

“Which way, Brad!?”

“Over there. Right by … the … zomus. Oh, we should have thrown it against the other wall.”

“Well, it looks like the zomus is knocked out. We can sneak by it, right, guys?”

“I think if we’re all quiet and move slowly, we should have no problem getting by it. Naw! Let’s jump it! Anyone have any objections?”



“Joy, no. Brad, yes. This guy says, “It’s our only option.” The way out has the win by necessity. Let’s go. I’ll go first.”

“Screw that! I’m going first.”

“Fine, Joy. Go first.”

“Thank you. Let’s do this! Ow!”

“Smooth landing, Joy! You’re next, Brad.”

“You sure I can’t go last?”

“No, Brad. We need you to go next. We need intelligence to save us from this invasion or … reinvasion– whatever it is! Point is: You’re next.”

“Fine! If I don’t make it, tell the world I died saving them all.”

“We’ll tell them I tripped you so we could escape.”

“Good enough. Here I go! Ow! My leg!”

“Really?!? Neither of you could make that jump?!?”

“No. Brad, you okay?”

“Yeah. Thanks, Joy. Thank you, Craig!”

“Don’t be mad at me for what you can’t do, Brad! My turn! Here I go! Yeah! Made it!”


“Good, we all made it. Can we go now?”

“Sure. Open the door, Brad.”

“Oh! That’s right.”

“What? I forgot to tell you guys that we have to slide down.”

“Okay. So what’s wrong with that?”

“Nothing. Just uh … look at your devices.”

“Brad, please tell me we are the red dots. PLEASE tell me we are the red dots!”

“Joy, I wish I could.”

“Can we please deal with this when there isn’t a zomus behind me that could wake up at any time?”

“Right. Start sliding, Brad.”

“Okay, fine. Let’s go. Ahhhhhhh!”


“Yippe-Ka-A-Mo –”


“Ah! Damn it! Sliding down head first is not gonna end up good!”

“I wish we tried to go out some other way. Not because I hurt myself going down the slide, but just because …”

“Craig, it’s okay. We had to do it. We had to go out that way or we would have turned into a zomus for sure. They were in the building making their way to us. You two were barely able to handle the one zomus we needed for the sample. There was no way we could have defended ourselves while being non-lethal while trying to escape four floors filled with zomuses. Not to mention the zomuses that were outside waiting for us.”

“I know. But did we have to let him die like that?! He sacrificed himself for us! How are we supposed to repay him now that he’s one of them!?!”

“We get through this and find a way to beat them! We have to find the “wizard’s” descendant and get him to help us cure everybody. Once we do that, our baby will be safe. You want her to be safe, don’t you? You want her to grow up to be a good person, right?

“Yes. Of course I want what’s best for our child.”

“Then we HAVE to find the wizard’s descendant and we HAVE to make it through this. For our daughter’s sake.”

“Yes, we have to. So, what’s our plan of action?”

“Well, we’re in the area the wizard lived in when he was around. My guess is that he never moved so others could find him if something like that ever happened again.”

“You’re probably right, Joy. Well, let’s pack everything up and go find him.”

Just then, they heard a sound coming from the outside. They heard the sound coming closer and closer. It sounded like footsteps. The footsteps came faster and faster. Joy and Craig looked at each other and held each other tight. The doors all burst open and zomuses came flooding in from every door. They came in from the ceiling, the windows, and they all ran towards them. They were all around them, ready to attack. The cell phone recording dropped and broke. Joy and Craig ran to the center of the room and the zomuses were right behind them, crushing the cell phone into smaller pieces.

They closed their eyes and they heard a voice. The voice sounded like the one from the video that was played when the invasion first started. They opened their eyes and all the zomuses were standing around Joy and Craig like they were standing with friends. The voice came into view and it was the person from the video. She came in through a door on the second floor and walked down the steps. She said something but they still couldn’t understand her.

She made a gesture with both of her hands and the zomuses grabbed Craig and Joy. She kept talking and two zomuses took prepared two needles. Joy started to struggle to free herself while Craig turned away.

“Why aren’t you fighting back, Craig?” Joy shouted at him.

“I am terrified of needles!” he shouted back.

“Then why didn’t you squirm when I had the needle and got the sample?”

“Because I knew that needle wasn’t for me! It wasn’t gonna go in me and inject me with God knows what!”

The woman signaled the two zomuses and they proceeded to inject Joy and Craig with the disease that would make them zomuses. As they were injected, their eyes opened wide. They could feel it taking effect. It coursed through every part of their body, running through their veins, and eventually hitting their brains. They shut their eyes tight and suddenly, the sensation stopped. They could no longer feel it anywhere.

They heard the voice again except … they understood it this time. She said, “Joy? Craig? Are you two alright, now?”

They opened their eyes. They looked at everyone. Everyone looked normal. Everyone looked like Joy and Craig did a minute ago. They didn’t look like zomuses anymore.

Craig looked at Joy and she looked at him. They were normal and didn’t look like zomuses. They looked at themselves, felt themselves to make sure they were real. They hugged each other and started sobbing. It was over.

“I take it you two are alright, then?” the woman asked.

“Okay. What the hell is going on here!?! We–” Craig started.

“It’s okay, baby. I got this. What the hell is going on here!?! We have been injected with something, which is not cool by the way, and now everybody looks normal!! What’s up with that?!” Joy screamed.

“Well Joy, let me start off by introducing myself: I am Rachel Hayes. I am from Earth. We have–”

“Wait a minute. Back up a bit. What do you mean you’re from Earth? THIS is Earth.”

“No, this is not Earth. This is a planet we discovered that has similar features to Earth. It’s outside the Milky Way Galaxy, but has been typically hidden from the view of Earth. I should probably give a little back story here. The year was 2476 and a group of settlers were on this planet conducting experiments. One of the experiments were to try and see if we could change human DNA into something else. The data was lost when the incident happened. The experiment went wrong and changed people into the “zomuses”, as you call them that you saw before the injection. The settlers were changed and no cure was made in the short time they had before a rocket was ready to bring the remaining unchanged settlers back to Earth.

There were only five settlers left when the rocket took off. As we understand it, there is a legend on this planet that you all knew as some plague turned people and five zomuses were sent into space by a wizard. This is very untrue as you know now. The wizard was actually the engineer who made the rocket and he got the five people on the rocket. He sacrificed himself to get the others to safety. They turned him and they started calling him a wizard because he made the rocket.”

“We can relate. To the guy sacrificing himself that is. Our friend sacrificed himself to save us too.” Joy said.

“Yes. Brad, was it? I think he is right over here.” Rachel said, pointing to Brad.

“Brad!” they exclaimed.

“Hey guys! Have fun dodging the “zomuses”?”

“Very funny, Brad. We thought you were dead or one of them!” said Craig.

“No. They swarmed me and one of them injected me with the cure. When I finished turning into a human, they filled me in on what happened.”

“Yeah. Wait, turn human?” asked Craig.

“Yes, I should finish explaining.” Rachel interjected. “Since the 1100 years passed, your people became the normalcy appearance for your planet. The zomuses became normal for your planet and through evolution; your present is our past. Pretty much anyway. We have been watching you in secret for many years now and we have been preparing to return here to cure everyone. So far, we have cured 97% of the planet and are in good condition to cure 100% of the planet soon.”

“Well, that’s good. Now we can raise our child in peace now.” Craig said.

“Wait, you’re pregnant, Joy?” asked Rachel.

“Yeah. I had the baby yesterday. See, we have different reproductive systems than the people on Earth have, I assume based on your reaction to this. We get pregnant the same way but we lay eggs and the eggs hatch a day later.”

“This might be a problem.”

To Be Continued ….


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