ByJack Holman, writer at
my end credits scene. For ant man. Ok so let's say ant man has to go into hiding by the end of the film, because the company or government wants to get hold of his suit. So there Scott is, sitting at a bar. Watching a news report about how superheroes should reveal their true identity and work with the government so that no incidents like hulk In age of ultron happens again. As he sees this he scoffs, and shrugs it off. He continues drinking and all of a sudden the TV report catches his eye again. It shows tony stark and captain America are opposing each other on the matter, and a building has been damaged in the fight as iron man crashed captain America through it. But captain America got away. Scott agrees with captain America and wants to help him. As he is deciding what he is going to do he hears what sounds like a cop car outside the window, he glances and sees its a shield van. He noticed that iron man is working with shield and shield are most likely going to try to either recruit him and if he Denys, arrest him. The camera pans outside as we see Maria hill with two agents walk into the bar. They look around the bar and see nothing. The camera pans back to where Scott was sitting, he is gone, and all that is left is a note that Maria picks up. it reads "I will strike Down upon thee with great vengeance and furious anger those who attempt to posion and destroy my brothers" a quote from pulp fiction. The music picks up as the screen cuts to black. Boom.

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