ByMalcolm Lim, writer at

As the credits finish rolling, we see the Wayne Enterprise satellite and then the screen immedietly cuts to a 2 second footage of Superman (played by Henry Cavill)

And then the screen then cuts to a recording of Wonder Woman (played by Gal Gadot)

And then it cuts to a quick cctv footage of a blurred red and yellow dashing through the streets,

And then it cuts to a blurry satellite recording of a man in green flying through space,

And then it cuts to a satellite recording of the Atlantic ocean, and then it cuts to a kid getting strucked by lightning and we hear a deep voice that yells "SHAZAM!"

And then a shot of Lexcorp tower,

And then after those quick footages the screen immedietly cuts to Bruce Wayne (played by Ben Affleck) sitting in the Batcave infront of the computer and then the camera pans slowly to the big computer screen and we see all the footages we saw earlier, all playing at the same time in the computer screen and then the camera fades to black and a text pops up that says "JUSTICE LEAGUE".


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