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I will only say this once... SPOILERS SPOILERS SPOILERS, by the way there will be spoilers.

The Cover

First thing is first... let's talk cover art. Cover is done by Declan Shalvey and Jordie Bellaire. I like it, I like it a lot. To be perfectly honest I had no intention of giving this series a chance in the first place, but that cover pulled me in. Groot observing a galaxy with child like wonder... strongly suggesting he was about to ( accidentally ) f**k some s**t up.

Moving on.

The story.

The story starts with our leading man/tree, tree/man ? sigh... The story starts with Groot and Rocket Raccoon stranded in space.

Groot introduces Rocket to the concept of hitchhiking for a ride to complete their trip to Earth and Rocket begrudgingly goes along.

A series of odd events transpires, there are 3 eyed chickens, endangered space sharks, preppie Skrull and a very fun Superman joke and the plot critical arrival of a Space Pirate / Bounty Hunter named Eris on the hunt for Groot.

Poor Rocket, just trying to protect his buddy, gets captured and our leading Tree floats off into space... DUN DUN DUNNNNN To Be Continued !

The Review

Overall I would call this debut a goofy romp that makes comic books feel comic. It didn't offer a darker and more gritty side I was hoping for but even though the first issue is very heavily laced with Rocket Raccoon it sets up a fun solo adventure for our favorite Tree/Man. While it felt a little like a Saturday morning cartoon I didn't mind... it was fun.

I would recommend this story line to anyone not familiar with our heroes outside of the Guardians of the Galaxy movie or anyone just looking for a laugh without Deadpool decapitating someone.

By the numbers

Cover 9 out of 10

Art 7 out of 10

Story 8 out of ten

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